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Andrea-Louise Glenn is 45 (eesh, how did that happen?) and lives in Bristol, UK with her husband, four children, a dog, a snake a gerbil and a hamster (at the last count). Andrea home educates her children but has miraculously also found time for running marathons and writing about running marathons. In her first published book, Running Mark's Marathon - The Making of a Mid-Life Marathon Runner, Andrea journals training for and running her first marathon in memory of her brother Mark.
Before having children and having relinquished her childhood ambition to become a ballerina, Andrea worked as a medical laboratory technician, then moved into social care eventually training as a social worker. Other points of interest about Andrea: If she had been a boy she would have been named Kevin, she once spent a summer working in an underwear factory and she is a Christian.
Andrea has always enjoyed expressing herself in writing and with her first venture into sharing her writing with an audience hopes to inspire anyone to believe that with commitment and training they could run a marathon. Don't be fooled by the home schooling and marathon running into thinking she is some kind of super-mum, she's really pretty ordinary; sometimes thinking she has it all together but more often teetering on the edge of chaos and remarkably not tipping over and falling in. She is an on and off runner of very average ability currently trying to find and maintain the discipline to train regularly in the midst of the whirlwind of life. She started to run in 2010 and in her fitter phases has run 8 half-marathons, 3 marathons and a handful of 10k races. Other things Andrea enjoys are time with friends, singing, reading, watching films and the occasional bit of knitting.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
I started running in 2010 when a friend encouraged me to join her in training for a 10k race for charity. I had previously hated running in my few brief attempts, but this time with a goal in view I trained more seriously, got past the initial reluctance of my aching muscles and discovered that running made me feel great and gave an amazing sense of achievement. I went on to join a running club and trained for and ran several half-marathons.
In 2012 my brother Mark, who I had been estranged from for a long time, took his own life. I discovered in the aftermath that he and I had taken up running at the same time and both become quite zealous about it. Hearing that Mark had gained a place to run London Marathon in 2013, I decided to take his place and run in his memory.
In 'Running Mark's Marathon - The Making of a Mid-Life Marathon Runner' I take the reader through the training for my first marathon with lots of reflections on life, Mark and running. The book also has additional chapters on the two marathons I ran in the year after London and includes a dedicated chapter of my tips for training for your first marathon. My hope is that readers will be inspired to believe that with commitment and training anyone can run a marathon.
When did you first start writing?
'Running Mark's Marathon' is my first venture into published writing and the longest and most focussed piece of writing that I have ever done. Most of the book was written over the course of a year from mid-2012 with a few additions added before publication.
I have always enjoyed the process of writing when undertaken for my own reasons (not the essays at school though!), but up until writing the book this had mostly been in the form of long letters, presentations or musings for my own pleasure.
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