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I never know what to say for a bio. I spend hours a day making up information about the characters that I write about but when it comes to talking about myself I often find myself speechless, that or I ramble.

I am a mother and a wife so I spend most of my days cleaning or chasing after a dog that has done something that it shouldn't have. I grew up the youngest of four, my closest sibling being 13 years older than me so I was basically an only child with older parents that were more often than not thought to be my grandparents. On top of that we lived out in the country with no close neighbors that had any children. I did befriend an elderly woman that lived a mile or two down the road from me and would visit her often. She was kind and lonely as I was. Her house fascinated me, packed full of all kinds of things, not dirty like what you see on T.V. now, she kept it clean and dust free but every inch held something beautiful and interesting. I lost her on Thanksgiving day when I was 12 years old.

So my point is that I had to find ways to keep myself occupied when I was young. I was constantly making up stories. Many adventures were taken in my parents back yard with many imaginary friends that would help to defeat the monsters that roamed the lands. Monsters more commonly known as heavy equipment, like backhoe's, dump trucks, and tractors. The trench digger always frightened me the most. I mean it does kind of look like a chainsaw for a giant.

I don't have any real accomplishments to tell you about. I haven't been sharing my stories that long. There is a reason behind that but I am sure that I am already rambling so I'll just keep that one for another time.

I will tell you that I got my first story published in 2013 because of my mother. She is relentless when she wants something. I made the mistake of telling her that I was in the middle of writing a story when she called me one day. I sent it to her for no other reason than that she is my mother. But then she started in on me almost daily to finish it and it took some time but I did it. That's when she started nagging me to get it published. I knew nothing about getting a story published so I did some research and found a publisher that accepted unsolicited manuscripts and sent it in. Not excepting them to every respond. they did and now I have a book. I felt a little more confident and decided to publish a couple of my short stories on here.

There you have it I hope that I didn't ramble to much! I would also like to say thanks for taking the time to read not only this but my stories as well (I hope) I hope that you enjoy them.

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