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Necro Publications has been the leader in modern hardcore horror since 1993 publishing authors like Edward Lee, Joe Lansdale, Charlee Jacob, Wrath James White, Jeffrey Thomas, Mehitobel Wilson, Gerard Houarner and more.
To constantly push the envelope and the reader with modern adult genre fiction.
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Necro specializes in hardcore horror fiction and aims to bring the best in modern horror to the masses, publishing the best names in modern horror like Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, Jeffrey Thomas, Gerard Houarner, Patrick Lestewka, Mehitobel Wilson and dozens of others in through various short story collections, novellas and novella collections, anthologies and novels.

Bedlam Press deals with all other kinds of genre fiction that doesn't fall under what Necro publishes, but the end goal is still the same: bringing the best in genre fiction to the masses.

Both companies have received numerous Bram Stoker Award finalist honors and won best novel of 2005 for Charlee Jacob's DREAD IN THE BEAST.

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Brian Hodge
Latest book: Lies & Ugliness. Published January 1, 2016.