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  • The Book of Deacon on Oct. 07, 2012

    There are those who crave classic Epic Fantasy. You know who you are. You love to be sucked into a world steeped in war. You love to be transformed into the underdog, the down trodden. You need the classic creatures that have made High Fantasy a lasting genre. Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, Mermaids. You need to be lead through an adventure that seems to be endless. Every page you turn brings you deeper into the world. Each page gives a little more to think about as to how such a character is going to get through this test. You are amazed at the fact that elements of the world you have entered can be shaped into physical magic. The Book of Deacon will curb your cravings. This is classic fantasy told in a story that will give you new sights. The story begins with a small, insignificant girl. She is the outcast that many of us have felt we were, at one time or another. She is confused and alone. She comes across an artifact that will change her life. Do you have one belief that you stand steadfast upon? Myranda does. Throughout The Book of Deacon her belief is challenged. She grows with every scene, but she trades a little of herself and her belief to do so. She begins to understand that in order for her to reach a conclusion that will satisfy her belief, she will have to sacrifice much of who she is. The Book of Deacon will give you an understanding of how classic fantasy elemental magic works. You will train with Myranda. You will enjoy meeting true masters of magic and the personality quirks that make them the masters that they are. You will know what it must be like to expend every ounce of spiritual energy you have to manipulate materials around you. You will also meet Myn. I am told that she is a fan favorite, as well she should be. Loyal, protective and energetic. She is, to me, a great sidekick. I hope that you will think so too. Self publishing a series is an enormous amount of work. The author takes on many hats and must remain on a steady schedule. Joseph Lallo has produced a good first novel to introduce his trilogy. I will begin The Great Convergence when I am done posting my review for The Book of Deacon. I recommend this book for all readers and hope that you will feel that you need to read the next installment of the trilogy as much as I do.