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  • Vampire Queen on June 25, 2017

    Vampire Queen I waited anxiously for this continuation and it was amazing. I loved Casey and how strong she was. Geo and Luthias were such great characters. Though they both loved and wanted Casey they never pushed and never let it come between them as family. This book had so much more going on in it than the first i think. Alot of secrets came to light that shocked me. There was also alot of mystery and deceit. I couldnt put this book down once I started it. I dont want to give away any spoilers so i will give a brief overview as best i can. This book picks up right from where vampire witch left off. Casey has had Geo's baby and is taking time to come to terms with her transformation and all that happened the previous months. Her grandfather announced both Geo and Luthias had behaved horribly and once feeling better they would both court Casey then she would chose who she wanted to marry. Soon though Casey must travel to Vampire land to start ruling her kingdom. Since King Charles is dead she takes over as queen and they need her since it looks like Bartholomew is readying for a war sooner than later. Luthias accompanies Casey since he had infiltrated the castle years before. Meanwhile Geo must go to the mutant vampire castle and try to rebuild and ready their army for the coming war. Since he was second to Caseys mom he is looked upon as acting leader until Casey returns. While at the castle Casey must deal with unhappy vampires who believe Pierre should be king. Pierre was Charles' second in command. There are some amongst the vampire land that support Casey and some who are wolves in sheep clothing. Eventually things come to a head and those who Cssey, Geo and Luthias thought were their friends turn to be enemies and a surprise who we thought was an enemy isnt. Casey still must decide on a husband through all this though she loves both brothers equally. I do feel bad about how she made her decision but it was done neatly and unfortunately we knew one Brother would be happy while the other dissapointed. I really really loved this book and in the interest of not giving spoilers i wont say who won her hand but i do hope the other gets his own book so he can have a happily ever after. Id also like to know what becomes of some of the other characters as well. These books were so well written they just sucked me in. I could feel and understand Caseys love and heartbreak in having to chose between 2 men she loved. Lastly i loved seeing how much Casey grew and became a mother, queen and wife that made her grandparents proud!
  • The Princess and the Vampire King on June 25, 2017

    First I have to say this author does not disappoint! This is the 2nd book by this author I've read and I cant wait to read more. Her books are awesome. I love that the books start off with a bang and dont stop until the end. This book was no exception. It opens to Jess being bound on a conveyor belt of sorts where she is going to be dinner for a very disgusting race of creatures. Jess is rescued by her protector she didnt even know she had. We learn that Jess is the queen by right to planet Kurr. She was hidden on earth as an infant when an evil king took over Kurr and killed her parents. Jess learns her rescuer and protector is Jack a very handsome man she later finds out is King of vampires on Earth and hes been watching and protecting her since she came to earth. I dont want to say more so I won't give away spoilers by mistake. Just know this book has it all. An incredibly gorgeous alpha vampire whos a king and totally in love with Jess. Jess, a queen by right on another planet forced to hide. Theres also Drake another sexy protector of Jess' that we later find out is her betrothed! You also have Jess' earth fiancée who is.....well you'll see. Its juicy! Theres love, betrayl, kidnapping, lies and did I say love? This book just has it all. If you like alpha males, love triangles, and lots of action this book is for you! I hope theres a sequal featuring some of the other characters. I'd love to see how their stories turn out. I wont say who for fear of spoilers!
  • For Love of a Vampire on June 25, 2017

    This book follows Jane a human with witch abilities who has traveled back in time to save her lover Duncan before he can be turned into a vampire. Though this book is romance it is definitely a mystery also. Jane learns upon going back in time that she looks exactly like the woman Duncan was set to marry Margaret Jane. Before they could be wed though he was attacked by a vampire and chose to fake his death and leave his life behind. Theres not much else I can say without spoilers so I will just say that the more you learn the less you actually know. The whole book I was sure I knew who was good and who was bad but I was definitely wrong. This author did a great job weaving this intricate web of lies, betrayl and secrets. Ive read a few of this authors books and she amazes me at the world she creates within her books. If you like alpha vampires and strong women who still need some saving you'll like this authors books. She really does create some amazing worlds in her books.
  • The Vampire, The Handler, and Me on June 26, 2017

    This is one of many books by this author thay I've read and I have to say that she does not disappoint! This book was amazing! This book follows Lizzy as she learns that vampires exist and she may be a handler who disposes of bad vampires. Of course it doesnt help that upon learning this she falls in love with a vampire. Lizzy learns the ways of a handler through Geoffrey who is just great at teaching and helping and understanding Lizzy and all she is going through as well as all the secrets she has kept from Nevi. Nevi her vampire doesnt like handlers so Lizzy choses not to tell him about her or her friend. I wont say more cause I dont want to give spoilers. This book definitely had me going through who was really good and who was bad. I absolutely adored Nevi. I love a good vampire though! Major surprise and twist in the end which I honestly hadnt seen coming. Again this author has astounded me with how in depth she is. Through her work you truley will believe vampires and witches are real.
  • Vampire Witch (Book one of the Vampire Witch Trilogy) on June 26, 2017

    If I could give this book more stars I would! This was an amazing book. It grabbed my attention and I seriously couldn't put it down until I finished it that same day! The plot was excellent. Definitely different from anythimg I've read. All the characters were well thought out and I felt like I really knew them. This book just sucked me in, I just cannot say enough good things. This author goes to the top of my favs list! This book follows Casey a sheltered girl raised by her grandparents in a basic post apocalyptic world. She meets a man Geo who says he has a letter from her long dead mother. Eventually she follows Geo to meet her mother and everything changes. Shes thrust into a world of lies, betrayl, deceit and amongst it all love. This book really was amazing. I hope there is a 2nd. Id love to read more about these characters and their world!
  • Paper Widow on July 24, 2017

    This was such a great book! It is a Historical romance that starts out Western and moves to the northeast as the characters do. Elises family is one of the wealthiest families around, disgustingly wealthy is her term. Her father wants her to marry a man 15 years her senior who is disgusting and shes repulsed by. Not wanting to be in a love less marriage she marries a cattle rancher by proxy and without her family knowing. She leaves to be with him immediately but upon arriving she finds he died that morning. Elise now has nothing and the neighbor helps her out for a few months before Elise finally decides to call her family and beg to come home. Shes making her way home by train when she meets Nate, Oliver and Joseph. They are Pinkertins which is like a private detective. They were sent to find a gang robbing the trains. After they leave the train Elise is kidnapped by this gang to get a ransom from her wealthy family. Nate and Oliver are tasked to finding her while her family stalls the kidnappers. After almost 2 months of being held she is rescued and begins to heal. Her father sends her to her uncles where there is less chance of her scandal being known. There she meets Nate and Oliver again. She loves Nate, he rescued her among other things but she feels after what happened to her while being kidnapped he wants nothing to do with her. So they go their seperate ways not knowing how they truly feel about each other. This was a really wonderful book. There were so many miscommunications and misunderstandings it hurt to see how much they loved each other but could do nothing about it. This story does have a happily ever after. Also if youre a fan of historical romances like Jane Austen or some like her youll love this book. Its perfect, clean, happy love though it takes work to get there.
  • Kings & Queens on July 24, 2017

    Oh my goodness, i was so happy to read this book. It answered all my unanswered questions from the previous books and gave me the happily ever afters for all the characters ive come to care about so much. In this final book Casey must once again save herself and all the people she cares about from the threat of the Order. She also has to find out who is using magic to try to kill her. She also has a wedding to plan. Everything finally starts looking up when the unthinkable happens, Geos once thought dead wife returns and wants him back. By Fae law he must be with her or be killed then to top it off even though Casey is their mother the fathers wife can take the children as her own if she wants and thats just what Shona does to hurt Casey. With nothing left for her she returns to vampire land to rule and try to forget about Geo. Soon though she realizes the threat to herself and her kingdom is close and just when shes at her last hope everything becomes clear. I know it doesnt make much sense but im trying not to give spoilers here. This book was amazing! Once thought enemies become friends and friends become traitors. Theres mystery, suspense and of course love for all! Luthius gets the love he deserves and even Gwendoline finds her happily ever after. This book was perfect! It took everyone and everything and gave it all its perfect ending.
  • Dream Love on July 24, 2017

    This was such a great paranormal romance book! Gertie is a game programmer, shes been having dreams about a man, her dream love who visits her every night but they only stare at each other. Soon she meets him in real life and doesnt know what to think. She starts seeing a man named Joshua who seems sweet but she feels shes cheating on her dream love Marc. One evening shes attacked by a rabid dog and her whole world changes. Once awake and able shes moved to Marcs lodge for protection but is soon kidnapped back by Josh. She sees nothing wrong with him at first but the more she learns of him the more scared she is. She must decide which man she trusts while learning not only are they both an alien species but so is she. I love this authors writing! The plot is great and runs smoothly, theres enough to continuously keep me wondering whats going to happen next. The characters are all well thought out, likeable and supportive. This was a really great book. I cant wait to read more from this author!
  • Shadow Love Book One on Aug. 10, 2017

    Another great book from this amazing author. Shadow Love is so imaginary, i dont know how she does it but this book (all her books) are different from any other books ive read. Her imagination is amazing. This book follows Alison who just inherited her great aunts estate and everything that goes with it. Problem is she doesnt want it but if she doesnt take it and keep everything as specified by her aunts will for 1 year her parents lose their part of the inheritance. So Alison moves to the estate which she doesnt like, she thinks its creepy and haunted. In her first night she meets Nick and feels chemistry with him like never before but Nicks got secrets, the estate is full of secrets and Alison is determined to figure them all out including what Nick is hiding. But will figuring out the secrets put her in more danger than shes already in? This is a really great book with twists i didnt see coming and secrets i wouldve never guessed. The plot was really good and the characters were very real. I admit i didnt like Vanessa in the beginning, she was very selfish and snobby but by the end my opinion of her was better. Im excited for the next book to see if she remains good. This book is definitely a great paranormal read. Cant wait for the next in this series!
  • A Vampire's Love on Oct. 16, 2017

    I love love loved this book. This is a paranormal romance. Genice doesnt believe in anything supernatural where her best friend Cassidy believes in everything and is afraid of everything so when Cassidy signs them up for a paranormal investigation of an old mansion on Halloween night, Genice is excited. Cassidy is scared though and only signed up so she can see the mansion. A few nights before the team going to the mansion meet up and Genice meets Anton, he owns the mansion and is immediately in love. Hes an old vampire and he knows he just found his forever mate. The only problem is a thinning veil, an ex vampire whos basically obsessed with Anton, a brother who hates him and wants revenge who also happens to be a ghost and a member of Antons staff whos been in love with him since he saved her who will do anything to be rid of Genice. This boom had everything i wanted in a paranormal romance, insta love from an alpha vampire trying to protect his mate, drama, some mystery and lots of paranormal activity. You dont want to miss this book.
  • Vampire Iniquity on Jan. 23, 2018

    Such a great book. This authors imagination astounds me. This book has New yakes on vampires as well as the same legends we've heard. Its got everything I could want. Love, loss, mystery, hot guys who know martial arts and lots of action. Shen is a master martial artist and has taught his friend and student Fan. Shens fiancee is abducted while coming to the US from China. Dann and Shen take off to try to find\rescue her. On the way they find out things about themselves and the world they never thought possible let alone true. This book is told from Dan's point of view but also sometimes it reads like a journal of Dan telling us what his friends told him of their experiences along the way. This book is not your traditional vampire romance. In fact the vampires are anything but good in this book.
  • The Cure on Jan. 24, 2018

    This is the continuation of Vampire Iniquity. I can't say much because i don't want to give away what happens. I will say its almost all the same main characters from the first book joined by a few new ones. This book continues where the first left off. Dan and Shen joined by Bruce are looking forward to some downtime before going back to look for and save Tatyana and her baby brother Charles. Unfortunately they don't get what they want. As they race to find Tatyana they have to deal with new vampires as well as old coming for each of them as well as a New threat that may make one of them a monster. Such a great book with lots of action that kept the book flowing and me reading as fast as i can to find out what happens.
  • Vampires and Werewolves on Jan. 24, 2018

    This book is fast paced and action packed. Its not really a love story. There is lots of love and loss but it's between all the characters so its not centered on just one couple. This is the 3rd book of the series and I hope it isnt the last. It ends leaving me wondering. All the same characters are back in this book as well as some we thought dead or forgotten. In this book our group of vampire fighters realize Wadims influence was more than they though and find he's set up satellite offices all over making mutant vampires. Now Tatyana is covered as a bride for one clan as Shen Wu is covered for breeding stock again. We Also meet and learn about another new breed of Vampire out there. Definitely a must read.