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Linell Jeppsen is a writer of science fiction and fantasy. Her vampire novel, Detour to Dusk, has received over 24- four and five star reviews. Her novel Story Time, with over 56- 4 and 5 star reviews, is a science fiction, post-apocalyptic novel, and has been touted by the Paranormal Romance Guild, Sandy’s Blog Spot, Coffeetime Romance , Bitten by Books and 54 top reviewers as a five star read, filled with terror, love, loss, and the indomitable beauty and strength of the human spirit. Story Time was also nominated as the best new read of 2011 by the PRG! Her dark fantasy novel, Onio (a story about a half-human Sasquatch who falls in love with a human girl), was released in December 2012 and won 3rd place as the best fantasy romance of 2012 by the PRG reviewers guild!
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  • Daughter of Light & Dark on Jan. 20, 2013
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    4.0 out of 5 stars Fine, traditional fantasy epic, December 7, 2012 By Linell Jeppsen (The mountains of Northeast Washington State) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Daughter of Light & Dark (Prophecy of Nitesh) (Kindle Edition) This is a fine epic fantasy. I say epic because it's clear that this is only the first installment in what will be a long and involved journey for the heroine, Montayna. She is a powerful witch who was orphaned at a young age, and found, finally, by many powerful adepts and trained to harness her power. She learns about her mother and knows that she was a surpassing good witch, but finds, to her shock and dismay, that her father was a different thing altogether... the most powerful dark lord the world has ever known! Positives- this author has a fine grasp of fantasy and the vocabulary used in an ancient and archaic landscape. Her pace is languid and the mood throughout is melancholy and tension-filled. Negatives- I tend to like action-driven books... boom,boom,boom! This is more character driven, and one must not be in any hurry in this plot-line. If you just want to sit back and enjoy a beautifully detailed world in which magic can and does rule supreme, read this new fantasy by Ms. Silverwolf.
  • Aftermath and Other Zombie Shorts on Sep. 05, 2013

    Edwin Stark continues to impress with this somewhat zany approach to zombie fiction. The first short story, Aftermath, is a rather gloomy look at how a zombie apocalypse would affect society as a whole- it's very dark and does not speak well of our society. The second story, Zombie Cab, is also chilling with a humorous twist- what if you were an honest cabbie during a zombie outbreak? Everybody deserves a ride, right? Especially if they tip well! URK!! The third short story, The Day Zombies Roamed Venezuela, was probably my favorite, because I have read Eco Station One, which features in the story of our author, Mr. Stark himself, reporting on an EMERGENCY BLOG about zombies roaming around the station! I really liked all three short stories- they were funny, and sad at the same time. My advise... buy this inexpensive short story collection and read this work by a talented South American writer- some of his passages-sprinkled here and there at random like salt and pepper- are simply breathtaking!