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  • S.P.I.R.I.T. Fire Storm on Oct. 27, 2012

    This book was amazing. I can honestly say it keep me guessing which I love in a book. This book is about a woman named Samantha Ricketts who meets a man Zander Smith under odd circumstances. Sam doesn't remember how she got placed in a town half-way across the country and tries to figure out how when Zander comes and saves her life. Instantly Sam and Zander start to feel a connection between them, one they cannot ignore. Together they work together to find out the mystery of why Sam was sent there and what it all means for their future. This books had so many twists and turns and always kept you in suspense. I was always surpised and excited to find out what happened next and I loved the characters. Sam was such a strong and amazing character and Zander was loyal and brave. The connection between them was amazing and I really felt myself getting lost in the book with every word I read. I really recommend people to read this book, it was wonderful!
  • Blind Seduction on May 01, 2014

    This book tells a story about a woman named Teresa. After a terrible accident that results in Teresa losing her sight, Teresa is trying to move on with her life when an amazing surprise comes to her door. A German shepherd named Red. She finally gets a dog she had wanted since before the accident and not only is he cute and loyal, but he can do something that other dogs could only dream to do: he can speak to Teresa in her mind. What happens when you add a beautiful woman with a sassy and opinionated dog? Well let's just say be careful what you say around the dog, he repeats everything! As more people realize Teresa's gift to hear Red, many think she can help make a difference if she uses her power's to help others like the police department. Not only does this book have a relatable woman with enough charm to keep you entertained for hours but when you add a talking dog to the mix you will laugh for hours with tears in your eyes. Let's not forget the two gorgeous men that are seeking her affection creating steamy and wonderful scenes that will leave you drooling. This book was brilliant and I couldn't put it down. I love how the characters, especially Teresa, are relatable to the reader and you can feel the emotion in the book. You learn important lessons reading about Teresa's life after the accident and see how a dog and a witty woman is a truly an amazing idea to make a book about. This book will keep you smiling, laughing, and reading for hours. I highly recommend this book!!