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CK Quarternman has studied such varied subjects as electronics, medicine, law, and theology, working toward the eventual goal of a doctorate in theology while being a business and franchise owner.

Later, he built websites, to sell employee manuals, corporate kits, forms, and franchising documents all of which he had written himself. Unexpected success from this with thousands sold, and still selling today, set him on the path of e-commerce.

Having written dozens of eBooks, documents, and self-published a few books, he gravitated toward consulting, at first with business start-ups, and then with business owners. However, all of this came to an abrupt end one evening while walking, and a chance encounter. From this evening on, he has worked solely for the purpose that the world might be awakened from its slumber, its hope for a better tomorrow. His hope is to expose the darkness which soon will overtake the earth.

The fallen angels are excited about their labor over the eons. Their labor they feel is just about to pay off!

This book is religious nonfiction about Fallen Angels and their antics with humanity.

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