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  • BIAlien ebook 1 - Free version - part 1 - Free Science fiction ebook (nook, kindle, pdf) novel on Dec. 08, 2011

    DETAILED REVIEW: Awesome plot, excellent story telling skills and very good character development! Author's imagination on a 1-10, i'd give it a 9 1/2. sorry to the people reading this, but this book is worth a detailed review and full feedback,,, when the hero of the story "Jaden" gets a hold of a cool UFO spaceship at the end of Chapter 1 the story takes off faster. Jaden is controlling the ship with his mind and goes against the entire US Air force,,,(this would make a very cool movie btw) the things this ship is able to do is mind boggling,,, author really did his research on Stealth bombers, AC-130 gunships, SR-71 blackbirds, missiles and air to air combat,,,(as a person familar with the military, it was very intriguing). i liked the UFO and SR-71 race at the end of chapter 2, Jaden got the UFO to cheat and use a fraction of its warp engines in Earth atmosphere, very cool! From Chicago to North Korea in .1 seconds (Super sonic booms all around the planet). Chapter 3 the UFO is on cruise control warp to Jupiter; and i think the ship recharges with powerful lightening energy in Jupiter's lower atmosphere, author did a good job describing layers of Jupiters atmosphere; very educational,,, then the spaceship breaks through Jupiter's ice moon Europa, where Jaden learns of alien sea creatures deep in the salty ocean, mind boggling stuff; alien sharks, giant squids the size of buildings. "OPTIC-WARP!" Cool concept, (had to read twice to fully understand) the ship travels through stars, in subspace, in molecule pieces until it reaches the Galactic center bulge, then under the super massive black hole into the Andromeda galaxy,,, I didn't like too much the flashbacks at the end of chapter 3, while Jaden was traveling in the space ship, maybe should have been at the beginning or first chapter, it kinda slows down the speed of the story (i couldn't wait to see where the UFO was going to), but i was able to learn more about this character Jaden's background and history,,, I loved the character "BELLONA" she is one bad ass Bio-mechanical female alien warrior (loved her holographic tattoos around her body and metallic boobs in the illustrations); shes makes a mind boggling entrance into the story where her team has to rescue Jaden from a rival alien planet..... this scene is stuck in my head where Bellona is fighting aliens in milliseconds with a cool double energy sword, while her teammate partner flung rocks high into the atmosphere and they come back down as meteorites hitting/smashing aliens, while Bellona dodges them around her, still fighting these Skeleborg aliens...WTF? never read or watched a fight scene like this. it was like "the flash", "wonder women", and "the Jedi" was in Bellona. WHAT AN IMAGINATION! [The illustrations throughout the book helps out and gives the reader an idea of what the author wanted different scenes to look like to the reader; it definitely helps!] Bellona's past is very interesting since she used to be an organic alien but now mostly robotic,,, she has kept her soul and beliefs, even though she is 70,000 years old.,, the chemistry heats up between Jaden and Bellona; she has a history of falling for organic life forms which is against her Andromedian people laws. Bellona's people live in a virtual underwater city that is similar to "The Matrix", they use artificial bodies when in their city; they learned not to destroy their second planet the way they did their first, the message there is humans are heading into this path of destruction,,,(alot of messages in this book on how to evolve our thinking to save Earth.) anyway, planet xenos is so cool, it has gravity tides twice a day where the double moon causes the water in the ocean to float up to the clouds and fish adapted to this and have battles inside the clouds,,, alien sharks, eels, huge white lobsters and other alien animals have "gravity tide wars". Jaden and Bellona are floating around the planet using Nano-eyes, while their bodies are in the city,,, - About the plot, Jaden was a part of an experiment to see if his body could make it to the Andromeda galaxy in one piece, since the Andromedian people have an issue with their bodies making it in one piece into the Milky-way galaxy... - Jaden coming to the Andromedian people's planet caused a chain of events for Earth,,, the evil darclonians dispatched a mothership towards Earth and Jaden returning back there would be too risky. The politics of the Andromedian's elder counsel kept him stuck on their planet; Jaden misses his family and girlfriend back on Earth... As the story continues it continues to get interesting,,, Jaden playing chess with alien pieces that resembles the game "Battle chess", but much more funnier; and Jaden trains inside of "Gravity games" with Bellona and another alien called Bomani, who thinks primitive human brains can't compete with more advanced alien brains... then there is a space race where Jaden is flying in "his" UFO spaceship and is on a team, flying through space and using planet's Magnetosphere energy to go faster...visionary stuff. The end of the book leave off at a big cliff hanger where you have to read book 2, to see what happens next. The story definitely kept my interest and amazed me on every page. I haven't read a book like this in a while and i'm not a hard core sci-fi reader or big book reader. this book was written as if you are watching a movie or reading a detailed movie script..... very easy to follow and well described. Being a comic book reader and video game player, the illustrations throughout the book definitely made me like this book more. I just read the bialien Wikipedia at the bialien website and it really had me thinking to the amount of work this author put into his series...i ordered books 2 and 3 on paperback, but almost finished book 2 on my kindle ebook. the story gets better and better, i'm going to leave my feed back on book 2 and 3 in another comment blog. Before i started reading book 1, i read the professional book reviews and i thought the author made the book reviews up himself, since they sounded so good and i never heard of his name, but i referenced each review and then i finished the book to see for myself and i was blown away! It double checks I'm summing up this review; Its just a matter of time before this book series takes off (12 books????) Wow! I'M DEFINITELY HOOKED! i ordered my paperback copies on Amazon, and looking to get them autographed sometime in the future from this very talented author. R.k. rowling started off somewhere and Vlane carter is definitely heading in her path...this guy made a serious statement in the sci-fi and science world. HE HAS DONE ALOT OF WORK IN SCIENCE RESEARCH. I'm Joe Byrne and if you enjoyed this book like I did, then add me as a friend on facebook (nerdtradamus (at) gmail com). if you dislike this book, then be fair and leave a comment to what you didn't like about it here,,, PEOPLE! you're reading a well thought out novel for free, the least you can do is leave your feedback,,later.
  • BIAlien ebook 1 - Free version - part 1 - Free Science fiction ebook (nook, kindle, pdf) novel on Dec. 30, 2011

    i'm here to respond to Eric Steven's inaccurate horrible review below this one. i'm a avid reader to the bialien series and i've read all the books several times, because i really liked them alot. I also read other science fiction books. i'm very upset with the inaccurate criticism of this book. First lets start off with this first comment from Eric Stevens: "writer obviously doesn't believe in proof reading as the book is riddled with spelling errors...." Those words were spelling WRONG on purpose. In fiction books and movies you can't have real life characters/ companies without their permission. it also depends how their company/name/business is being used in the book. Author or a production company can be sued for using real life things. The author of this book used names close to the original, like most authors with common sense do. Masa = Nasa. BNN = CNN. Bugattee = Bugatti. To make this simpler for you to understand, on the tv show "the simpsons" for example, They use Mapple instead of Apple. Or mypad instead of Ipad. To say bialien is poorly edited, that means other tv shows, books and movies are poorly edited because they either can't spell. It's really sad you couldn't figure that out on your own. Seriously dude? Who doesn't know the spelling of Nasa? Eric Stevens your next statement: "The portions of the book that deal with the military are laughable for the writers poor understanding of military rank and weapons. Helpful hint: fighter jets do not have cannons they have missiles and machine guns. If they did have cannons the projectiles fired from them would not be cannons (at one point when the main character was attacked and felt the cannon impact his ship). " Military ranking isn't the same with Top secret UFO military police. That's like comparing classified top secret "men in black" (movie) to the real life army. Where's your complaint with the ranking? I'm familiar with the military and ranking. Where's your examples? Are you serious? Cannon fire? I've read this part in the book several times, It's a AC-130 GUNSHIP!!! shooting at the UFO. NOT A JETFIGHTER! Can you comprehend? google "AC-130 Gunship" and you will see this is used in Iraq and many other wars by the airforce. it's one of their best weapons. In fact it was used in transformers 1 movie, shooting cannons at the scorpion robot in the desert with the soldiers. do you know anything about the military? The AC-130 gunship has several cannons and machine guns throughout the body. This is NOT a Jetfighter. Here is the scene from this book (p.65): "“Use the 25mm and 40mm L60 Bofors cannon shells,” Cole says. The AC-130U gunship continues firing at the UFO while turning away from it. It slowly turns to the left to circle around, but continues firing at Jaden inside the small cloud. The cannons make the outside shield glow brightly" Where do you see a Jetfighter on any of these pages? What book are you reading? Your next complaint: "The writer uses a run-on style writing for the "telepathic" sections of the book using a single ' as the cue for the reader to let them know the conversation is telepathic in nature. Not only is this annoying it's unnecessary. To make it more aggravating to read, telepathic conversations between two characters are often just one lumped paragraph with the reader being responsible for trying to figure out which character is saying what." Telepathic and single quotes was explained on page 15. I guess you aren't the type of guy who reads instructions before using/reading something. This is the author's style! His style is to use ' ' and it's explained on page 15. If you didn't like his style then why read the book? It was used to speed up the communications between the aliens and Jaden in the novel. "he says" "she says" is at the end of each telepathic paragraph. There are no rules stating in any rule book about how telepathic is suppose to be told in a story. do you have a better suggestion? The telepathic continues in book 2 and 3 when Jaden is talking to AI in his brain and other aliens. It does work in the story and lets the reader knows when something is said using voice or telepathic. And for your information, in book 2 and 3, Jaden is having a telepathic and voice conversation at the same time, how is the reader suppose to know what is going on, if single quotes aren't used? you won't be able to tell if it wasn't setup this way. Your next comment: "Another thing that gets annoying is the constant use of initials for everything…the Dark Energy Knight is the D.E.K. Why would telepathic aliens have any need to use initials? They wouldn't." The reader already knows what Dark Energy Knight stands for D.E.K. why should the author continue to spell out the entire word over and over again? That would be annoying for me and readers. The story is being told for humans, not from the imaginary alien prospective. Abbreviations was a good idea. I guess you can't remember what DEK stands for after a few pages (The definition page is on the last page). your next comment: "All the technology in the story is overly complicated and poorly explained, an example of this is the nano eyes, nano scanners, nano molecules, and nano bots…all of which do basically the same thing in varying degrees. One nano "insert name here" could have made the reading much easier." How is this overly complicated and poorly explained? First of all, "Nano molecules" isn't even in the book (what are you talking about)? Nanoeyes, Nanoscanners, Nanobots were further explained throughout book 1, 2 and 3. I understood them in the first book along with alot of other people. Maybe if you FULLY read the book you'll understand its explained more in chapters 9 and 10. Did George lucus explain what "the force" meant and what it does throughout only 3/4 of the first movie/book of Star Wars? No it was explained little by little throughout all the movies/books. Dude there is a glossary at the back of the book explaining all the definition. wtf? How is this so confusing to you? Your next complaint: "The writer relies too much on comparing things in the story to either Star Trek or Star Wars instead of using his own imagination to describe things in the story. " Are you serious? There are only 1 or 2 starwars/star trek references used by JADEN( main character) making fun of certain situations he was in. There were NO details descriptions on anything on Star Trek or Star Wars in the book. None of those movies/books take place in the Andromeda galaxy. Comparing things and using imagination are two different things. The amount of details the author used explaining different scenes (moon europa, planet 455, planet xenos virtual world) was mind boggling, i'm just really shocked you said that. If you think he used Star Trek and Star wars to explain everything in his book, then copy and paste what you are talking about or leave page numbers. "I hope the writer takes the criticism as constructive and takes no offense, but as is the book is just not a good read. It had promise but failed to deliver a compelling and interesting story." You failed to comprehend what you read and failed to read instructions. And gave a very irresponsible review of a good novel. If i was a professor in college and you just did a book report in my class on this book, you would get an F. Two words for you "Read" and "comprehend". You made too many mistakes in your review of this book. Why is it that none of the 8 professional book reviewers (including Kirkus and Clarion reviews) didn't have any issues with all of your complaints? Attention readers, reading this; if your IQ is less than 70, think in one dimension, don't have an open mind and have a hard time comprehending books, please do not read this novel,,, i can't stand people leaving bad feedback, because they don't understand anything and make mistakes on what they read. It's a well thought out novel, with good details and plots structure. Some people should stick to comic books or watch movies. Eric Stevens i'm posting this and your reply on my facebook wall, if you want to respond to my response to your review, my facebook search name is "gamestopman", I and dozens other bialien readers would like your reply feedback.