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Smashwords book reviews by Nereid Gwilliams

  • Believe on May 30, 2012

    First off I did enjoy the story line of this book which prompted me to read it. Unfortunately there is still some serious editing that needs to be done as I was constantly jerked out of the story by the frequent spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Some words were misspelled a lot and other sentences did not make sense. Overall I am glad that I did persevere and read it to the end and whilst it has the potential to be a good read, it does need more work.
  • Fire with Fire (Demonblood Series #2) on May 30, 2012

    I received this books as part of a review on behalf of the author after reading the first book in the "Demonblood" series. It is an interesting concept of two souls inhabiting the one body and such complete opposites where a demon girl and a human girl both fall in love with the same guy Kieron. It makes an interesting threesome to say the least.I am really enjoying this series so far and have become invested in the characters especially Liora/Lucky and Kieron though Bones was a personal favourite of mine too. The story is fast paced and action packed but there is enough romance to make it interesting and not too syrupy sweet. I look forward to reading about their next adventure.
  • A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood Series #1) on May 30, 2012

    I was pleasantly surprised as I really liked this book. Liora is half human and Lucky her demon side and true self who due to no fault of their own had their soul split in half. These two distinct personalities formed after a run in with the Amazea` demons and Liora lives the day and Lucky lives for the night. The demons killed her friends and now revenge is the order of the day and of course trying to get through high school. Sometimes with POV books you do find it a little disjointed but that was not the case here and I liked the girls as a whole. Liora was trusting and innocent albeit a little helpless and Lucky was a kick ass Justice demon who could more than stand up for herself if need arose. Then along comes Kieron a half demon who turns their worlds upside down. Both girls are falling for him but he has been keeping secrets. The other characters like Bones and Corrine are lovable in their own right and you do become invested in the characters. Throughout the book both Lucky and Liora grow and become more settled with their shared lives and each other and I look forward to the next instalment from this author.