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Alexander Nevzorov's contribution to the development of horsemanship is really priceless. He managed to do a seemingly impossible thing; he understood the mechanism of the natural horse's collection. He has learnt to collect a horse without any artificial aids, without bridles and bits. Nevzorov's horses at liberty, at lunge, in hands and while mounted always move in a perfect balanced collection without a bridle. It is necessary to point out that during the process of training Nevzorov never and in no case uses bridles, mediakanas, cavesons and halters, only cordeo - a thin strap that lies free on a horse's neck.
He educated his horse to read, write and so communicate which was demonstrated in LEP film.

Certainly all this did not happen at one stroke. Alexander had to go a long and difficult way to understand finally the essence of horse and man relationship. It took years of studying and self-perfection to acknowledge the truth. Alexander had to admit his own faults, repent and to start everything from the beginning. By this time the understanding between horses and him has been developed to a phenomenal extent.
However I am sure that he will not stop at this stage and will go further. What he will achieve at the end... Let's not guess and just wait for new films and books. But anyway the one thing is clear: this way leads to understanding of human and horse's souls.

Alexander Nevzorov is a famous journalist, film director, scientist, writer and horseman. He is founder of the Horse Revolution and Nevzorov Haute Ecole - the art of horsemanship in its highest form, where he has managed to keep the tradition of Classical School horsemanship without a bit or bridle for riding in collection.

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Alexander Nevzorov, was an Independent Deputy of all the four convocations of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, had been an editor-in-chief on Leningrad (and later Saint-Petersburg) television for 10 years, Adviser of Governement and many TV channels.

He used to be a novice in a monastery, a bass chorister, a keeper of a museum, a loader, a stunt man, a mercenary at several wars, a literary secretary, a reporter, a script writer, a consultant-analyst to the Government of the Russian Federation.

He participated in wars in Yugoslavia, Transdniestria, Iraq and Chechnya. He was a member of the National State of Emergency Committee in 1991, defended the White House in 1993, and was put under arrest after an exchange of fire on approach to Moscow when he led what remained of Riga's OMON as reinforcement to the besieged. He took part in Vetsmilgravis' events. He harbored some fugitive OMON soldiers from Riga and Vilnius on Russian territory.

He participated in the assault of Ostankino and in the first assault of Grozny, entering it one of the first together with General Rokhlin.
He was wounded twice and contused once.

Three times he became a volunteer hostage of terrorists in exchange for release of other people.

In 1993, despite of the fact that he was elected to the State Russian Parliament four times he quit the political stage refusing to join any party.

He is a specialist-expert in ancient curb bits, stirrups and any horse harness in general, and a specialist-bibliophile in old hippological editions.

He was conferred the Personal Bravery Order, the Red Star, the Transdniestria Defender medal, the Strengthening of Battle Fellowship medal, the Chechnya Operations Participant medal, the Defender of Transdniestria Cossack Cross etc.

He was the author and the anchorman of a legendary program of Leningrad television '600 seconds" and analytical programs of the First channel "Days" and "The Wild Field".

He is the author and director of several films including a feature film "The Purgatory", in which he reconstructed the events that he participated in during the assault of Grozny and the defense of the Grozny City Hospital.

And the author and director of the films "The Horse Crucified and Risen and "The Horse Crucified and Risen II", "LEP" and many not equine documental films. He is also the author of hundreds of articles and publications.

Now he is writing the book "Origin of intelligence".
He is the member of the International Slavonic Academy of Science, member of the The Russian Society for Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology, an advisor to the Governor of Saint Petersburg.

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Horse Crucified and Risen
Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 91,970. Language: English. Published: April 3, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Science and Nature » Animals, Nonfiction » History » Civilization
This book became a best-seller in Russia, was reprinted several times and changed the worldview of many people. This is the first book in the history of mankind revealing the whole truth about horse and man relationships. Love for horse and equine sports have nothing in common!

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