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Larry Cooperman is a composer/performer of classical guitar music and provides compositions for some of the world’s leading virtuosi. A musician by degrees from California Institute of the Arts, he was the first guitarist to receive a full scholarship for music composition and guitar performance, but he is not his degree—he is more.
A native of Savannah, Georgia, Larry Cooperman moved to Fresno, California in 1979 after being raised in an extremely musical family. Having performed the electric guitar in many popular music bands culminating with “The Chosen Few,” a bi-racial soul band of African-Americans and Jews, Cooperman left popular music because he used it as a bludgeon against the tighness of his father’s bel-canto and father had passed, so natural inclinations could come to the fore. Cooperman has composed two hundred compositions of the classical guitar and most of them are bad, but a few are extremely noteworthy and have been written about with very favorable reviews.
Being driven towards personal expression, at all costs, Cooperman descends from Ukrainian Jews. The family arrived at Ellis Island, from Odessa, in 1915 on fake identification. Cooperman’s mother was from Poland/Russia as the town was on the border of those two countries and it shifted ownership weekly.
The importance of a last-name with criminal origins has certain appeal for Cooperman, a man whose creative expression in abstractions, and we must admit that instrumental music can be the most abstract of expressions, needed the concrete to express the many ideas of an arch communicator, poetic by nature. In 2007 he completed his first novel, "The Grapes or Wrath in a Hot Tub," which will be available on Smashwords.
Cooperman now lives in Boulder Creek, California and continues to write and compose.

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