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Nick Cree is the creator of the popular blog site "It shouldn't happen to a volunteer" (ISHTAV) which has been active since June 9th, 2017 which incidentally was the 30th Anniversary of Nick's arrival on a Kibbutz in Israel. The site has had over 30,000 visitors since going live, with 50,000 pages read. The Eilat Trap came about as a by-product of the Blog when Nick found he was remembering other people's stories as clearly as his own and decided to put them to good use.
He denies he was running away but life until that point had been pretty meaningless with a round of dead-end jobs. In Israel, at the time the most popular song was from U2's album the Joshua Tree. "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" might have been the case when Nick finished his stint on Kibbutz but by that time he had at least figured out what questions he needed to ask.
He moved into the lucrative IT contract market and worked for the next 20 years in the IT Industry. A break to raise his son gave him a chance to start writing and he has produced a number of novels in draft form which he has promised to publish in the near future. The blog came along by accident following a bizarre conversation with his fellow traveller who coincidentally happens to be his brother. It was supposed to be a private memoir for those who were in that particular Kibbutz at that time but someone let the cat out of the bag and it has been growing in popularity ever since. If Kibbutz was your thing then hop over to the site and check it out.

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What's the story behind your latest book?
Well the book The Eilat Trap came about as a consequence of the blog site It Shouldn't Happen to a Volunteer. This project was designed to be an archive, a memory of the time that my brother and I spent as Kibbutz volunteers in Israel thirty years ago and it launched on the 30th Anniversary of our arrival on Kibbutz Erez, the 9th of June 2017
But when we started to reminisce and remember incidents that had happened to us during our stay I realised that there were so many other stories I remembered that didn't happen to me or that I was not part of. Tales I had either overheard or been told by other Volunteers at the time and some that I had read or been told by others during later trips back to Israel.
I came up with the idea of trying to meld some of them into a story about one person and see where this went. The result was the Eilat Trap
What is the Eilat Trap?
In its simplest form this was a collection of usually ex-volunteers who had made their home in the southern city of Eilat and had become involved, mainly, in the black economy where they earnt enough money to keep themselves in food, drink and sometimes lodgings but not enough money to escape from the city. This circular, hand to mouth existence occurred in other major cities where there were ex-volunteer communities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
The jobs were often menial and sometimes manual and ranged from bar and café work, through hotel and hostel chambermaids, to manual work like building site labourers and gardeners.
Some people chose this life, others had it thrust upon them by expulsion from their Kibbutz or Moshav, for drunkenness, fighting, laziness or in some cases all three.
There was always a sense of hopelessness associated with the Eilat Trap concept although for some it was a memorable part of their Israel Experience. I do remember going to a bar in Eilat in 2005 and seeing an "In memoriam" photo for a local character who had been part of the scene since the eighties. His face looked familiar although I couldn't swear that I had met him back in the day. The irony was at that very moment the jukebox began playing the Doors track One in Five and as I stood there looking at the photo, so Jim Morrison yells out
"No one here gets out alive." It was a thoughtful moment. I am sure plenty escaped the Eilat Trap eventually, but there were some who clearly didn't.
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The Eilat Trap
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 160,080. Language: English. Published: March 20, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » General
Billy Randell and Mike Spencer have been friends since school so when Mike announces he is leaving for a Kibbutz in Israel, Billy tags along for the ride. But when Billy is kicked off the Kibbutz he casts his lot in with all the ex-volunteers who have made their home in Eilat. He is about to pit his wits against the Eilat Trap. The question is will he survive?

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