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  • More From the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD on March 29, 2012

    I read the first book of these tales, and really enjoyed it, it did occur to me though that it was so good that it would be hard to follow. I did not need to worry, these three new tales are even better than the first set, and have every confidence that future volumes will be just as good. I will give nothing away about the plots of the stories, as this would spoil them. Each of them is well constructed, uses Hugh Ashton’s brilliant gift for breathless pace, and keeps the reader thoroughly absorbed and intrigued throughout. It is very, very difficult to believe that these tales are not the work of ACD himself. To use the word ‘imitation’ implies inferiority, which the style most certainly is not – instead it is a magnificent emulation of the writing style of Sir Arthur, the language, syntax and grammar are exactly as one would expect from the man himself. Also Hugh Ashton remains very faithful to the nature of the characters in the original books; I did find it very amusing though to see the inclusion of a few spoken words from Mary Watson, something I do not believe occurred in Conan-Doyle’s tales! Three great stories, let’s have some more please!