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  • Thoughtless on April 21, 2012

    I have so many mixed feelings about Thoughtless! I was quite excited to get started on it. The cover gives off a bit of a creepy vibe and I wanted to know the story behind it. I've been really into YA books lately that feature teens with powers such as mind-reading (a power which Bridget, the protagonist of this book, has) so that had me intrigued. Something about the book felt a bit off to me though and it didn't really live up to my expectations of it. I had a tough time really getting into the story. Perhaps the writing just didn't suit me personally, but my head was swimming from it for about the first thirty percent! I just found that it was quite difficult to tell who was saying what. Someone would say something but the sentence immediately following it on the same line would be about another character. This caused me to do a lot of double takes though it did improve as the book went on. Some sentences seemed to be missing words as well which would pull me out of the story. I enjoyed a lot of things about it though! The idea of the powers the characters had really interested me and I loved learning more about them. The book is certainly full of mystery and the suspense certainly kept me on my toes. The story kept me rushing forward to see what would happen next and how each issue would be solved. We meet lots of interesting characters and not all of them are who they appear to be at first glance! While flawed, Thoughtless still managed to keep me interested and I enjoyed the unique storyline and how believable Bridget was as a character. I think it showed a lot of promise even if it didn't fully work for me. Besides, it's free on Smashwords so if you want to give it a go, you really don't have anything to lose and may end up loving it- lots of other people did!
  • BOUND (#1 in The Crystor Series) on May 19, 2012

    Bound has been on my to-read list for quite a while now and so I was very excited to sit down and finally get the chance to check it out! While it won't be making my favourites list, I still genuinely enjoyed it and it had my attention from the very first page. Bound certainly gets full marks for originality. I thought everything in this book had a very different feel to it which is awesome because for a while there, lots of the YA paranormal books I was coming across just seemed like copies of each other or lacked some extra spark to actually make them stand out! Our protagonist is Kira and this novel follows her life as things get, well, really weird. Her home life practically falls apart (seriously- her mother ups and leaves!) and she learns some shocking secrets about her best friend. I loved Kira and enjoyed getting to know her. I think she's a very independent character and I loved that she was never afraid to speak her mind or tell somebody to quit doing something that was getting on her nerves or upsetting her. While I wouldn't say she takes everything in her stride, she does handle all the events with grace and bravery which I had to admire her for. What I loved most about Bound was how intelligent it all was. This was definitely wasn't a light or quick read for me. The plot really has a lot of depth and is well thought out. There are a lot of back stories and every aspect of the story had a history to it which I loved learning about. Bryant has created many interesting characters and I loved finding out more about them. Kira's friend Lydia- and her 'kindred spirit'' Altaria- are simply fascinating to read about. I went back and forth on how I felt about Octavion! I thought he was an interesting guy but not really a great love interest. This book made me think a lot about what I would do if I had to make some of the decisions Kira was faced with making. The story did drag for me at parts and my interest began to wane for a while but mostly, I really did like it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to fellow paranormal fans! Bound has many interesting concepts, characters, events and creatures. The second book in the series, Broken, is coming out in the next few weeks and I will probably check it out when I have the time!