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  • The Brilliant Women Collection on April 05, 2013

    What I love about this little book is its breadth; from windscreen wipers, disposable nappies and dishwashers, to war efforts, scientific advancement and facilitating political change, it is inspiring discovering how women have and continue to change the world in small and large ways. Eve's book will appeal to many people as it celebrates the achievements and efforts of women spanning centuries, countries and many spheres of life; she draws on examples of political and financial figures, comedians (including Julie Walters), popstars (like Beyonce), environmentalists, astronauts, writers, journalists etc.. and consistently writes in a light, entertaining and accessible way. Eve's book reminds me that I should be aware of what i can achieve and at the wealth of options I can pursue if i wish to. A truly refreshing, enlightening and eye-opening read!