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Nicole Chardenet graduated from Kent State University back when Duran Duran was still considered cool. She was in the medieval re-creation group The Society for Creative Anachronism, where she learned how to dress like a historically misplaced dork, belly dance, flirt outrageously, terrify battle-hardened Vikings and dance around campfires at midnight surrounded by screaming barbarians wearing loincloths and roadkill and very little else. Her writing credits include a technology column with a colleague for a New England alternative newspaper, various freelance pieces, and several SCAdian “filk songs”, the less said about which the better. She currently lives in her Den O' Iniquity in Toronto, where she now terrifies Canadians rather than Vikings.

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The Age Of Asparagus
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 92,010. Language: English. Published: July 15, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Young witch and giant Jim Morrison fan Gwenhwyfar wants a boyfriend of her own. There's really only one thing left to do, clearly: Bring the drop-dead sexy Lizard King back from the dead! Problem is, there are always repercussions with this sort of thing. Allowing in unwanted entities. Encouraging delusions of adequacy in your crazy Aleister Crowley-loving neighbor. Things could get REALLY weird.
Sumer Lovin'
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 84,660. Language: English. Published: June 9, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Sumer Lovin' is a humorous look at the search for love and lust in Toronto, the most singles-challenged city in North America, rendered even more challenging by an invasion of demons and other bizarre denizens from ancient Sumeria, released onto the relentlessly normal city from the Underworld by an earthquake.
Young Republican, Yuppie Princess
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 135,340. Language: English. Published: April 2, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
It's 1984 and the future looks bright for college student and future yuppie Joyce Bacyrus, until her computer geek friend opens up a portal to an alternate universe. She and her friends must rescue a young woman while facing off against a feminazi witch, a heavy metal sorcerer and a prince who's from New Jersey.

Smashwords book reviews by Nicole Chardenet

  • The Other Boyfriend on Jan. 06, 2012

    The Other Boyfriend reminds me a bit of Bridget Jones; it's about a woman in her thirties who's made some bad romantic choices in life. In particular, Sarah, Our Heroine, scrambles for the crumbs of her business-obsessed boyfriend's time (Jeffrey), who's already with someone else. Since Monsieur always has an excuse as to why he can't leave his drama queen, Sarah decides to help him along and try to set up Her Maj with a man she can't resist so she'll leave Jeffrey to Sarah. Except that Mike Connor, rich, gorgeous, and entirely too coolly confident for his own good, begins making eyes at Sarah. How can she trust this smooth-talking babe magnet when his initial mission was to steal the drama queen from Jeffrey? And does she want him to do that anymore? Is Mike really as bad as Sarah thinks or have too many years playing second fiddle to Jeffrey's MLM scheme business and his drama queen simply driven Sarah over the edge? There are probably simpler ways to try and pry a man away from his main relationship, but I'm glad Sylvia Massara has more imagination than that, because The Other Boyfriend is an excellent read and delightfully twisted.
  • The Soul Bearers on Feb. 25, 2012

    What a heartwarming story about love and recovery. Alex is a woman with a dark history of sexual abuse and Matthew and Steve are a gay couple with whom she moves in - Steve is slowly dying of AIDS, Matthew is his extremely handsome partner. Alex doesn't like for men to touch her; she's never had a boyfriend and she dresses like a schlump to discourage male interest. Matthew has always been drop-dead gorgeous and never cared; in fact he doesn't like being of interest to anyone mostly because of his looks. Steve is a very deep, spiritual person who explains what a 'soul bearer' is to Alex. While living with the couple Alex realizes she has to face up to her issues with men and the terrible wrong done to her; she'd like to learn to love but doesn't know how. How she accomplishes that is one of the most interesting takes on recovery that I've ever seen; let's just say it's pretty unorthodox. And also quite touching. Grab the hankies; this is a three-Kleenex story! I think this would make for a very provocative movie...
  • Playing With The Bad Boys - A Mia Ferrari Mystery #1 on May 01, 2012

    Not going to recap the story since other reviewers already have...Playing With The Bad Boys is a fun murder mystery involving a sexy if very snoopy hotel manager with frustrated dreams of working on the police force (although I say you're never too old to start, so maybe she should re-apply :) Mia Ferrari doesn't get along with the police chief either, whom she blames for her not being on the force to begin with. And, she had an affair with her boss once a long long time ago in Venice so the "office dynamics", such as they are in a large ritzy hotel in Australia, are, um, a little, um, delicate sometimes. I liked the heroine - a total wiseacre who's pushing fifty and is not afraid to take on a younger man. Who says life ends at forty?!?! It doesn't even get STARTED until fifty!! I've read a few of Ms. Massara's other books and I can say her storytelling is clearly evolving. The writing is polished and crisp and the main character eminently likeable. I LOVED her sidekick, a retired American cop who is forever being dragged along reluctantly into Mia's schemes. For a first-time murder mystery, this one is a score. And oh, if you're an Italian foodie (meaning you're into Italian food, not a foodie who's Italian) you will looooove the Italian food porn! But most of all, I liked seeing a kick-ass, middle-aged woman as the heroine, someone who doesn't take any crap and who aspires to be more than she is after a nasty divorce. I would like to see more fiction with these sorts of characters!