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  • Newt Run on Dec. 16, 2012

    Newt Run is a brilliant work of science fiction/fantasy at its core and could be at once representative of both Golden Age and New Wave sci-fi. However, the work as a whole seems to transcend time and definition, much like its subject matter. As stated in the novel, “There is no difference between what is going to happen and what is happening: they are one, and so in standing in the present, [one] is also in the future”. Throughout the novel the reader is drawn into such experience – shocked at once by the baselessness of reality and the immediacy of the now. While this may sound incredibly esoteric the experience of reading this book brings to the surface the very questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis, from the mundane to the philosophical. Rarely have I read a novel that drew me more into the narrative; the story, in some sense, becomes your own. The interweaving of our perception of time, reality, and the day to day defines who we are. You are brought into the story and made to ask: “What is consciousness except the drive to imprint a story on the world?” What I liked best about this novel was the juxtaposition of perspectives across different strings of the narrative and different characters. It was done so fluidly and has a profound effect on the reader. And the egg drops…