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Niki Meadows is a women's life coach who specializes in empowering women to cultivate their self-love and self-worth. After struggling with her own issues of not feeling she was worth love, she realized just how big of a part that plays in our lives. The choices we make on a daily basis that ultimately shape our lives are determined by our self-love and what we believe we are deserving of.

During the climb out of rock bottom, Niki promised herself she'd never forget about the people who were still there. Having known how isolated, alone, and misunderstood she felt, she decided to support others who felt the same way. After getting out of rock bottom she spent years cultivating her self-love and went back to school to become a certified life coach. As a life coach, she helps women on their journey of self-love and self-worth.

She now works with women who are overwhelmed, have lost their sense of self, or who lack a sense of purpose in their lives. She supports and empowers them on their journey to reconnect with themselves on a soul-level so they can build the fulfilling lives they're worthy of living. She also believes in the importance of sisterhood and brings women together to support one another in sharing the experience of their journeys.

Niki is a wife and mother of two daughters. She enjoys living a life of intention. She realizes that she's always been a bit different never quite fit in. She celebrates finally being able to accept who she is and have the freedom to express it. Niki identifies as an old soul and trusts her intuition as her most steady compass in her journey of life. She believes in progress over perfection and that love and kindness should be practiced regularly.

Smashwords Interview

First of all, congratulations on publishing your first book! When did you decide to write it, and why?
Thank you, Jenny! Well, it’s not something I planned on. I was actually inspired to write a book while washing the dishes one day. I thought it was a strange thought to go through my mind because I was listening to a podcast and I had no idea where that idea came from. The very next day as I washed dishes again, I had to stop, wash all of the soap bubbles off of my hands and get to my laptop because the title came to me and I wanted to write it down before I forgot it.

I sat down to type it up along with a vision I had for the cover. I ended up drafting the first three chapters of the book. This was back around the end of September of last year. I’ve tried writing a couple of fiction novels in the past that didn’t go anywhere; part of me thought that might be the case with this. Deep down I knew this was something I was going to move forward with because I’ve never had that sort of experience before. I felt like the words were flowing out of me and I had to type as fast as I could to keep up with them.
You have two little girls. How old are they? I’m sure they’re curious about what you’ve been writing, and what your book is about. What do you tell them?
I do! My oldest is 8-years-old and my youngest recently turned 2. My youngest doesn’t quite get it yet. She’s seen the drafts and I tell her it’s a book but she can’t understand why it’s not in her hand or on her bookshelf. She gets excited when she sees me on the computer and asks if that’s my book and wants to see the pictures. I actually just explained the content of my book to my oldest a few weeks ago. I wanted her to hear it from me rather than overhearing a conversation. I explained to her that Mommy went through a really rough time up until a few years ago. I felt so bad about myself I didn’t want to exist but that I found a way to get better and I thought it was my duty to share that with other people. I explained that there are lots of other people that feel the way I did and even though I was scared to share that, I had a feeling it might help someone. She had a lot of questions and was confused because thankfully she was too young to remember me in those days. She’s very proud that I’ve decided to move forward with the book and is one of my biggest supporters.
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Wage War on Your Mind & Fight for Your Life!
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 17,840. Language: American English. Published: April 29, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Depression, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Mood Disorders
Niki Meadows details the 10 practices she incorporated out of desperation to fight for her life! After a breakdown led her to reevaluate her life she began to do the opposite of everything she'd done up until that point in an attempt to reroute her negative train of thought and cease chronic complaining. Niki breaks down the key strategies she implemented and shows you how to practice them.

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