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Nik Morton served in the Royal Navy as a Writer, then went into IT. He has sold many short stories and edited several books and magazines. He now lives in Spain. His book Write a Western in 30 Days was released in June 2013, and he has just signed a contract for his 19th and 20th books, Wings of the Overlord, a fantasy quest jointly written with Gordon Faulkner, and The Magnificent Mendozas, his sixth western for Robert Hale. His ghost-written book Odd Shoes and Medals, an autobiography of an 80-year-old has just been released.

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  • A Matter of Tea and other stories on May 09, 2011

    The lead story A Matter of Tea won the 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Competition and is an esoteric tale of china bowl making and magic. A love story, The Floating World, captures the sadness and hope of 24-year-old Yanagi, one of the pleasure women of the house called The Floating World. There’s the haunting – quite literally – true story of Masakado’s mound in Tokyo. There are three other quite short but beautifully written tales plus a number of bonuses. The first bonus is a preview of Chronicles of the Dark Mirror, a series of novellas. This, The Seeker, is a historical tale about warlords, retribution and the seven kingdoms of Kanto; this whets the reader’s appetite for the entire work. In addition there’s the first chapters of Whipple’s western Vulture Gold, previously published in the UK, now re-released as an e-book (Trailblazer westerns). His hero, Havelock, is truly mythic. This book deserves to be widely read. Lastly, there’s a sci story from the publisher, Rebecca J Vickery, ‘The Rescue’. At the end of this e-book are several photos of Japan before and after the earthquake and tsunami. This is good value and a reading pleasure. And your purchase also goes towards a worthy cause. Nik Morton