Subina Giuletti


The love for writing has accompanied Subina Giuletti throughout her entire life.
She wrote her first fairy tales and stories when she was six years old. But first fate leads her away from a profession as author and directs her through university studies, that she begins in 1983, to the financial sector where she learns the marketing business from ground up - from sales to training staff, to the management of PWA, a private business school.
In her capacity as Head of Academy, by her hand training catalogs are created for specific expertise, personal training and motivational training; in addition, she acts as a consultant for these topics. 

She is also active in the production of commercials for small businesses, creates film portraits and corporate videos, composes articles in appropriate magazines and distribution companies and handles slogans and advertising.
But her main focus is on writing. When in 2006 she finally turns her back on the commercial life of sales, her debut "Going home", parts I and II is created, two books in which the experiences of many people in business are packaged into a novel, and in which the emotional side of this profession is explored.
In 2009 she begins her research for "Try hard to love me", a book that explores the life of Michael Jackson from an emotional-spiritual point of view and was published in 2011. A year later, the novel was translated into English and published worldwide in December 2012 under the title "Before you judge me try hard to love me".

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