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Smashwords book reviews by Nina Kay

  • Larson's Point on July 01, 2011

    I started out enjoying this book but I couldn't get through it after a while. I liked the author's style at first but there was too much telling and no showing. The telling kept me at distance and I couldn't get into the story. I love mysteries and crime fiction and I tried to give this more of a chance but I had to give it up. It shouldn't take a week or more to get through a story this short and for me it did and I still couldn't finish it. I think the concept was interesting though the plot is nothing new. I kept saying that I've seen this plot and these characters a million times but still I was curious as to how the author handled it. I started out impressed and tried to keep going but I had to let it go. A major issue for me was the lack of editing. I spotted many editing issues and basic grammar and sentence structure issues. If this book had been edited and if the author had "showed" instead of told everything, this would be very entertaining.