Robert Henderson

Smashwords book reviews by Robert Henderson

  • Templar Odyssey on April 03, 2012
    (no rating)
    Having just read this book I cannot make up my mind if it is a serious Lost Treasure Thriller or a comic parody of the genre and it would appear that the author cannot make up his mind about it either. Allowing for author's licence with history he has his Native Americans riding horses in 1304 when they weren't introduced to America before the Spanish arrived in 1492. He then portrays Lewis and Clark as bumblers who can't find their way out of a building and as openly gay lovers. Ok so there is some debate as to Lewis's sexuality but none whatsoever as to him having any kind of sexual affair with Clark. When I got to the anticlimactic ending, my feeling was one of relief that there was no more to come. All in all I couldn't recommend this book to anyone.
  • The Kildaran on Jan. 18, 2013

    Having been a fan of John ringo's work for some time and enjoyed his Paladin of the Shadows Series, a divergance from his normal genre. I was delighted to find a Fanfic continuation of the series. That being said however I do have to agree with Mr Nuttall this story it really needed editing and probably could have given rise two or three books rather than this one. Personally I found these non mainplot interludes distracting and annoying. While I have beeen left still wanting more which, by the way, has has now been supplied by the original author in the form of "Tiger by the Tail" these two authors have with their undeniably contrived ending, which to divulge would spoil the book for other readers, made it very difficult continue using these same characters and to use them without the Kildar would be pointless. If they should attempt to do I would be interested in seeing the result of their efforts but I would suggest simplifying the plot and checking the grammar and spelling which if they depend purely on a spell/grammarchecker is unreliable. This was a reasonable effort but I feel it was as if, while writing, one said how about if this or that happened without any reference to whether it added to, helped or hindered the main plot.