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Smashwords book reviews by nizm

  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells on May 28, 2011

    This series has, quite possibly, the hottest male lead I have ever read. Vance is a motorcycle-driving, leather jacket-wearing, great baseball-hitting warlock. Apparently there is a bit of magic in the baseball talent area, but it still works for me. Vance has had his eyes set on Portia from the first moment he saw her two years earlier. Now that she is sixteen and aware of her powers and that of her family members, Vance can finally approach her. The two hit it off immediately, probably because they both have liked each other for years. Their relationship was fun to read, together they make an entertaining comedic duo. They both had me laughing out loud at times and almost always smiling to myself (luckily I read in private, otherwise I would've felt foolish). Vance has a lot of darkness in his past because of his father. I won't share too much of his story but there has been a lot of running and hiding and much loneliness for Vance. Portia handles stressful situations well, she wasn't like other heroines who mope and are in constant need of rescuing. She knew what needed to be done and did it, at times her actions went against the wishes of her parents and grandmother. Her grandmother was one of my favorite characters, what a cool lady! She owns her own shop where she sells healing lotions and the like. She is the high priestess of Portia's coven which she joins soon after her birthday. Let's talk about the ending. Wow! I can't call it a cliff-hanger, it was more like starting you off at the beginning of the next cliff. The next book is sure to be exciting and just as much a page turner as Book One. There are some aspects of the book some readers (myself included) may not find original, but I can't deny that I liked Vance's character and story. The descriptions of magical powers and spells were interesting, they added a certain charm to it that I really liked.