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  • The Gatekeeper's Sons on March 19, 2013

    "No one - human or god - had ever touched him like that.. Only now did he become aware of what he was missing." When Therese Mills kisses Thanatos, the Greek god of death, in a near-death dream state, it rocks him to his core. Undone by the feelings Therese's kiss evokes in him, Than makes it his mission to find her and help her avenge her parents' murders. It is his goal to make her a goddess and his eternal bride. The Gatekeeper's Sons is a book unlike any other. It chronicles the love story of Therese and Than while exploring the intricacies of the dealings between the Gods and Godesses on Mount Olympus. Author, Eva Pohler, has created a story in which a modern, teenage girl captivates Death, making him realize even he deserves to know happiness. Mrs. Pohler weaves this beautiful love story through the intrigue and action involved when hunting down murderers on an international stage. The span of emotions in this story ranges from sadness to happiness and all that falls between. Readers get a glimpse into the world of ancient Greek deities and the fragility of their relationships with each other. It is an adventure into the modern day and into Greek Mythology that will thrill and entertain readers of any age.
  • The Gatekeeper's Challenge (Gatekeeper's Saga #2) on March 19, 2013

    " as beautiful as Therese was, she couldn't rival a goddess; but it was the whole package that made him love her." In this sequel to the Gatekeeper's Sons, Thantaos, the Greek God of Death, continues his quest to help Therese Mills become a goddess. This is truly the only way they can spend eternity together and share the love they have for each other. Therese, a very modern teenager, is athletic, intelligent, funny, she also, cares deeply for her family and friends. She makes decisions exactly the way most teenagers do - emotionally. When her youthful ways lead Therese to make a less than desirable choice, tragedy once again engulfs her world. Therese's feelings of sadness combined with her frustration of being separated from her love, Thanatos, leave her is a very dark place. Than's powers of persuasion provide another opportunity for Therese to prove to the gods of Olympus she is worthy to join the goddess ranks. This chance comes in the form of five challenges she must successfully complete if she is to join Thanatos for eternity. As Therese works through each challenge, gods, goddesses, and readers all get to see what Than already knows - exactly how extraordinary Therese truly is. Once more, author , Eva Pohler takes readers into a the mythological Greek World where the passions of the gods and ancient unsettled rivalries pave the way to Than and Therese's future happiness. The action never stops in The Gatekeeper's Challenge.