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Smashwords book reviews by nmorfaith

  • Design for You on July 20, 2013

    It's a cute short story. I wish there was more dynamics of the story. I don't get why mention their past encounter, if it's not mentioned again. It would have been great if he realized who she was and how he treated her. So you can really see growth as a character from an asshole high schooler to an actual decent man. I would have also liked a past encounter between Jasmine and sugar to see how they became such awesome friends. Jasmine was such an awesome friends I gave another star.
  • Tempted on July 21, 2013

    Absolutely loved this story. Would have loved to see the look on the work trampĀ“s face when Jason was sleeping with Lucy
  • Hex on Sep. 07, 2013

    Really good story. I would have loved for this to be longer, not cause something was missing. The story was just that good I wanted more of it to read. Would definitely be willing to read more from author.
  • The Fake Husband on Sep. 07, 2013

    I fully enjoyed thus book. I actually read it when it came out but didn't write a review until now. Like her other short stories I wish there was more just so I could read it more
  • Loving The Fire Chief on Sep. 07, 2013

    Very sweet story. Even though it was a short story the characters are week rounded. You really feel what they are feeling
  • Gore and the Witch on Sep. 07, 2013

    Author does it again with another amazingly good story. Good chemistry between characters
  • All In on Sep. 07, 2013

    Another story from this author that I fully enjoyed.
  • Claiming Her Highwayman on Sep. 07, 2013

    Another good read
  • The Compromise on Sep. 07, 2013

    One of her shorter stories, but still a damn good read!
  • The Best of Friends on Sep. 07, 2013

    Michelle Grotewohl has a talent to pack so much good stuff into a story with only 20 pages.
  • My Demon Lover on Sep. 07, 2013

    Loved it. I find Kaylin very relatable. I feel that Kaylin is the kind of person I want to be. Another HOME RUN for Michelle Grotewohl.
  • What If... on Sep. 08, 2013

    Another knock out for Michelle Grotewohl.
  • Cracked on Sep. 12, 2013

    Always puts a smile on my face every time I read it.
  • Lucien's Mate on Sep. 25, 2013

    Good read. I like her temper. Wish there was a little more to Levine's character,otherwise good read.
  • Office Prank (short story #1 from Office Flirts!) on Nov. 25, 2013

    I was a little hesitant about reading this story. But I'm so glad I did. It was quirky with more than a few laugh out loud moments. Like literally laughing out loud having people stare at the crazy chick randomly laughing. Besides being funny it has a dash of sweet romance. Wish I would give more stars!
  • The Baker and Her Assistant (Simple Fantasies 1) on Dec. 01, 2013

    Happy with the story, looking forward to reading more.
  • The Baker and Her Assistant (Simple Fantasies 1) on Dec. 01, 2013

    Happy with the story, looking forward to reading more.