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Noah Brown is one of those people who have been paranoid from the get-go. Not necessarily in the "evil-government-mind-control" sense of paranoid - more along the lines of the "seemingly-Harmless-world-suddenly-goes-crazy" sense of the word. As a small child growing up in the rural hills of Northern California, Noah would make a consorted effort to steer clear of big dogs, spiders, snakes, unmarked panel vans and weird looking babies. As his parents can both attest, he often crawled into their bed in the wee-hours of the night until a baby sister put the kibosh on that! A fire that nearly destroyed the neighbor's house caused the already worried child to ask his parents incessantly if they had turned off the kitchen stove. It was these early fears which had a tremendous impact on Noah in two ways. One: He nearly succeeded in giving himself a bleeding ulcer by the age of ten, and two: His deepest fears became the building blocks which formed his fascination with storytelling. When he wasn't hiding under his covers or cowering from sinister looking shadows, Noah had a relatively blissful childhood. Under the guidance and encouragement of his supportive and VERY patient parents, Noah ventured into the realm of creative writing. As he will tell you - however reluctantly - that one of his earliest attempts at writing came in the form of a first person journal in which he portrayed an Austrian Youth escaping from the Nazi insurgence. To paint a clear picture of such a story, think The Sound of Music, without the music, most of the cast killed off by a homicidal Nazi General and a lot of really terrible fourth grade writing. Despite these years of early rejection, Noah's fascination with writing continued through the remainder of his childhood and into his teenage years. He often hammered away on an old secondhand Royal Mercury Typewriter. Yes, this was during that primitive age before every household was equipped with seven or eight-hundred computers and internet thingamajigs. The really strange part of the story is that Noah still uses this ancient, pre-internet device from time to time, though most of his writing is now composed via computer. In his late-teens he relocated to San Francisco where he studied film at the Academy of Art University. After working as a writer on a few student and experimental films, he ultimately decided that the film scene was not for him. He took a job with a Non-Profit Organization while continuing to write daily. His first, second and third attempts at the coveted novel were not much better than his early Sound of Music knock-off. It was not until his fourth attempt, a novel entitled: WHACK JOBS, that he first began to garner some positive attention. Eventually he gave up on trying to write the high-brow domestic drama. He returned to those early fears and has written several stories since this revelation. THE BABYLON ROAD CHRONICLES is a contemporary fantasy and currently Noah's largest work to date. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest just outside of Seattle Washington where he works as a senior director for a non-profit and a freelance writer. When he is not hunched over his desk with a tortured manuscript in hand, he can often be found: running, reading, cooking, eating, drinking wine, eating some more, drinking copious amounts of coffee and of course doing some more eating. He credits his discipline in his daily writing routine to many people, including his parents. He has been quoted as saying that it was his mother who taught him how to be both stubborn and loud-mouthed and his father who taught him that conspiracy theories - no matter how far-fetched - always make for one hell of a story.

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