Jason Knight

Smashwords book reviews by Jason Knight

  • My Mother on Jan. 24, 2021

    Simply put this is a really hot story, the first (four) chapters in a humiliating romp for Billy and sex-filled one for his mom after Billy tells her about Josh, the well-endowed boy who keeps making fun of him in the locker room by teasing Billy about what Josh would do to his mom. It turns out, when Billy opens up about it, that unbeknownst to him she's spread-open and welcoming to Josh's ideas. The overt bullying tones down and gets replaced by a three-way friendship where two members are constantly going at it behind the other's back. One thing I really enjoyed about it was how the mother primps and preens for Josh, putting on new outfits or hairstyles that make it clear she's DTF, even while Billy remains oblivious. I've read part two and hope that there's more, perhaps playing up the new streak of humiliation they're putting Billy through with the "photo shoots." Great ideas!
  • Bullied Mother and Daughter 2 on March 16, 2022

    I'm really enjoying this series. The first book was erotic without being pornographic, no actual sex but the play between submission and domination with a naïve and oblivious MILF. The second book is more overt about the sexuality but it still doesn't get described. I'm hoping a boy gets involved, maybe Jenny has a boyfriend or something. But so far it is Jenny, Marian (who makes the poor mistake of introducing herself as "Barbie"), and Marian's daughter, Andrea. Perspectives bounce usually between Jenny and Andrea.
  • The Wrestler - Part 1 on Sep. 28, 2023

    Fantastic story. Guy wants to really spice things up for his woman and, at a wrestling match sees the perfect candidate. They bring him home and the entire family begins fawning all over the guy. Hot stuff, some subtle, some overt, just really well plotted.