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Born to Nigerian parents in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja, 'Nonso John is a Thriller writer who loves to read and write anything between suspense, mystery, and detective thrillers with a little romance.

His Sunday School teacher taught him God wrote the Bible, so at age six he figured God also wrote the first novel he ever read - James Hadley Chase's No Orchid for Miss Blandish.
So, aged six, 'Nonso decided to be the very first man to write a novel, and with a borrowed pencil, and a new 20-leaf book, he launched a career .

First Human Writer!

Sadly, someone had beaten him to the "First man to publish a novel" prize.
But of course, 'Nonso "...would never trade those early dreams for anything in the world!"

Smashwords Interview

What is your birth name and where do you come from?
I was born Ezugworie Chinonso John, a Nigerian, from the Nigerian South-Eastern State of Enugu.
How was your childhood and growing up in general?
I grew up in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, in a family of six children. I am the second in line, but I am also the first son. I have a big sister who loves me to bits, and four younger brothers.

I lost my old man in march of 2011, a week before my final year examinations in the University of Nigeria, where I studied Microbiology.
We currently live with our mum in Abuja.
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