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Nora Nix is a young author with a passion for passion. She enjoys love stories just as much as she enjoys lust stories and writes both. Other genres that interest her include fantasy, science fiction, dystopian worlds, post-apocalyptic epics, and good old adventure tales.

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
If story is everything, then fans are equally so.

While my passion is for storytelling above anything else, I also firmly believe that without an audience, you are speaking only to yourself - and you already know the story.

The grand tradition of telling stories has always required fans, and always gave them something to take away with them. This exchange is important for an author to make, because although you can never please everyone at all times, everyone should be able to take something from your story - even a reason they didn't like it - and carry that with them in a meaningful way. If you've called into question their ideals, beliefs, or worldview, then you've done your job. You don't have to be controversial. You just have to give them something to think about; a new perspective to toy with and accept.

Fans are important in this way because without that exchange, you've added nothing to the world, and it should always be your goal to do so, author or not.
What are you working on next?
I am toying with several ideas, including a novella involving erotic lesbian romance set against the backdrop of a sprawling romantic comedy. Sex is just as important in this environment, so there will be no shortage of that, but I also want to illustrate that there is so much more to the lesbian experience than that, particularly the romantic element thereof.
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