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  • Armageddon For Beginners on Sep. 23, 2013

    I've not always been a big fan of non-fiction but I was interested in the subject matter. The idea of the 'end of the world' has always intrigued me, and what is outlined in the book not only offered a stark, but totally plausible idea of what things may be like 'in the end', but also gave a lot of hope for those who believe in good overcoming evil. It has very practical, clear and down-to-earth information for how to understand an often confusing, and abused subject matter.
  • Survivors on Sep. 23, 2013

    This book changed my life. I devoured it over two evening sessions of reading, and my thirst for understanding endtimes issues was seriously quenched for the first time ever (after having tried to squeeze some drops of moisture from the Left Behind series). It is more than just a story about the end-times, it offers a spiritual wake-up call. It is both shocking and deeply satisfying. It gives answers and understanding, and will (hopefully!) leave you questioning your purpose in life.
  • Listening on Sep. 23, 2013

    This book gave me the chills - but in a good way! I very much appreciated the sincerity of the characters, and their ability to look beyond religious differences and see their common purpose. It was very inspiring, and hopeful.
  • Churchianity Vs Christianity on Oct. 23, 2013

    Vivid and pointed! It brings to life what Paul was really getting at in his epistle - there's no getting bogged down in religious terminology (indeed, setting people straight about the difference between religion and faith in God is what the book of Galatians is largely about). Hopefully this comic will help enlighten people as to the difference between following a religion and following God. Nice work.
  • Destroyers on May 12, 2014

    I like how the three books in the trilogy cover different regions of the world, so you can see just how events in the future really will affect the whole of human civilization - and the ways in which God will guide different people's in different places. Thanks so much for writing these books.
  • The Liberator - Part 1 on July 28, 2014

    I love the book of Luke, and with the inspired artwork in this version, it really brings Jesus' message for us to life.
  • The Liberator - Part 2 on July 28, 2014

    I love the book of Luke, and with the inspired artwork in this version, it really brings Jesus' message for us to life. Thanks so much. It's such a useful tool in better appreciating the message of Jesus.
  • Fair Dinkum on Aug. 30, 2014

    The book of James was my favourite book of the New Testament when I was a new Christian. Reading it for the first time I realised how practical and relevant the teachings in the New Testament were for our times. Seeing it in illustrated form, just adds to my sense of conviction about the message. It's great.
  • Huckleberry Finn on Aug. 30, 2014

    I used to love watching Huck Finn as a t.v. series years ago, but never read the book. Huck's attitude always intrigued me, even though I never understood why he was without a family. It's a great story about 'rejects' having more integrity then so-called respectable people.
  • A Tale of Two Cities on Dec. 26, 2014

    I love Dickens, so this was a good read for me.