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  • Branded (Fall of Angels) on Dec. 01, 2010

    I shall start by saying, why has no publisher picked this book up yet???!!!! I was looking around Smashwords trying to find myself some reads and I came across 'Branded' , so glad I did:D What a refreshingly original story. I would have read it in one sitting if I hadn't been sitting at my computer on my not so comfy chair. Started last night, finished short while ago. There are in my personal opinion a few little things that need to be tweaked in this book, but once tweaked..wow!! What a great little story. A few spelling errors , and I think a couple areas a bit too easy to read between the lines, just my personal opinion. Hey!! That's what publishers are there for . Jessica is a strong independent, female character who admittedly has become a bit of a recluse . Her family couldn't deal with what was happening to her, so she had to deal with it before she got committed by her own mother. Out on her own, accepting her nightmares and the trials she is put through by the Angels for those that have just died . Sometimes Angels aren't what they are cracked up to be. The physical pain she must deal with and the nightmares would be enough to send any sane person over the edge. This is all Jessica has known since she was 5!!! If she can hold off sleeping, she can hold off the trials she is put before in her nightmares and the branding she will receive. Sleep will eventually consume her, but on her terms. Sal, the nextdoor neighbour is an interesting character. She has her own problems . Sal , is Jessica's only friend until her path eventually crosses with others. I was drawn to Sal as I think there is a much bigger story there. Having to fend for herself , circumstances bring Alex and Cole her way and she must hide her nightmares . Who can Jessica trust to release some of the pressure of holding it all together by herself ? I loved that this was such an original storyline. I am looking forward to reading 'Forsaken' and thinking rather loudly that a publisher needs to swoop in and pick up Ms. Taylor!!!!
  • Fate (My Blood Approves, #2) on Jan. 05, 2011

    'Fate' , is proving to be difficult emotionally on Jack, Peter and Alice. Chubby cheeked, large innocent brown eyed Milo turns 16 and learns to drive. Jack is always there, that guy that will help where needed. He decides to step it up and learn the ropes from Ezra, after all eternity, is a long time to just sit about playing X-Box games. The story changes up a beat, leaving Alice spending more time than she would like by herself and she doesn't like it and filling in time badly. Alice is looking for answers and Ezra it seems is the only one that can attempt to give her them. Jealousys simmer below the surface, urges battle it out quietly and life changes dramatically for some of the characters. Emotions need to be kept in check for fear of the outcome. Alice seems to draw the wrong attention these days and Jane and her idea of a great night out have a lot to live up to. Amanda is throwing in some twists at sharp turns and POW's that will make you stop and think. New characters are introduced and life will never be the same for some. I would recommend having all 4 books currently available ready to read one after the other in rapid succession as I can't imagine you putting them down until they are totally devoured. Amanda's rollercoaster storyline is only warming up. FAVE QUOTES : "You're wearing a purple thong?" Jack raised an eyebrow, but since I was drunk, I couldn't get a read on his emotions. I didn't know if it was an intrigued I'd-like-to-see-more eyebrow, or a disapproving you're-a-huge-slut eyebrow. "Yeah . Wanna see? " I offered. "Just get in the car," Jack said, not unkindly, and walked around to the driver's seat. "It's beating like a moth caught in a jar, " Violet smiled wistfully at me. "I can't help myself. It sounds so beautiful." With one magical leap, I managed to jump on the nearest platform. It was about two feet off the ground, so it wasn't that impressive, except I'm 5'3"running through a crowded gay club with a torn dress and a vampire on my tail. "Do you have any idea how beautiful your heart sounds? "Jack asked me quietly, and I shook my head. "You have no idea how beautiful and amazing any part of you is."
  • My Blood Approves on Jan. 05, 2011

    RATING 4.5 STARS out of 5 STARS!!! I stumbled across author Amanda Hocking and simply put, WOW!! I was addicted from start to well almost finished as there are 5 books in the MBA - My Blood Approves series and only 4 have been written. I started reading the , 'Trylle Trilogy' first. Amanda's 2nd series and I fell in love with her writing. Her ability to fill her not very large books with so much. Her characters are meaningful to the storyline and interesting. MBA series I have read all 4 books currently in the series, My Blood Approves # 1, Fate # 2, Flutter #3, Wisdom # 4. The book covers do not do the stories justice. I'm not saying they are bad covers, but some people judge a book by its cover and well.... I love when titles are meaningful to the story and these are. CHARACTERS: ALICE : 17 yr old female lead who is a little lost in this book. She has her bff Jane , who is always out for a good time, maybe too much of a good time. Alice kinda tags along with Jane rather than standing on her own two feet and being assertive. MILO : Alice's 15 1/2 yr old brother who is the nurturing , protective, always worrying about Alice, studious, younger brother that acts older in some ways than Alice. He is the family cook and makes sure the chores get done. ANNA : Alice's mum likes a drink and works long hours on the graveyard shift. Leaving Alice to her own devices. School work not a high priority. JACK : 24 Yr old guy who has a penchant for interesting T-shirts and Dickies shorts ( I had to google those darn shorts as he wears only that brand just to see what they looked like...lol!!) and converse shoes. Wiry, beach bum tan, blue gray eyes. MAE : 28 yrs old , the mothering type with the British accent, who Jack lives with. EZRA : 26 yrs old and married to Mae and has a Lamborghini Gallardo. ( Niiicccceee:D ) PETER: 19 yrs old, grumpy bro of Jack's , in an unconventional way. MATILDA : White , Great Pyrenees dog. ( must Google the breed, I gather she is a huge dog). Jane and Alice get themselves in a pickle at the start of this book enter Jack with screeching tyres to save the day. From the very first page, Amanda had me smiling at Jack, a great guy who is very thoughtful taking Alice under his wing. They just clicked. Amanda spends a bit of time setting up the story for MBA, keep reading!!! The POW's ( didn't see that coming) the twists are amazing once the story starts to unfold ..........and then things with a certain character get complicated. I am holding my tongue and it's very , very difficult not to review and spoil , as sooooo much happens within these smallish books. You are not left with unanswered questions. Amanda is wonderful keeping the books in the series growing and moving along at a great pace everything she writes weaves in nicely throughout her series. I am a bit of a Team Peter fan...now I think most would be Team Jack, but...I can't help feeling for Peter. I looovvve Jack , but there's something about Peter that I can't ignore in this series. I can't wait to read about him in this series ( I'm like..where's Peter, I want Peter... * stamps foot* lol!!). Oh, I just want to say what I want to say but I can't :( I don't want to spoil. you'll just have to read. I got soooo addicted to this series that I devoured all 4 books in 4 days. To give you an idea how popular Amanda has gotten with her writing, alone she sold 99,000!!!! books in December 2010 alone!!! click on link to her blog page http://amandahocking.blogspot.com/ scroll down to her Thursday 30th December posting. I can see how she did it her stories are wonderful. I have passed the word onto all my book buddies. You've got to appreciate she is a self published author and is becoming a bit of a superstar in the self published world, there is hope for all you budding self published writers. I love how Amanda includes music, movie references through out her books that I am proud to say I understood. Bit of 80's , bit of modern, bit of oldies but goodies. When her characters are texting each other she uses Bold print rather than Italics that can be hard on the eyes , especially sitting at the computer until the wee hours reading. The bold print made it easy to distinguish the difference. She does have quite a few vocab errors in her writing that flows through all her books I have read so far, it can make the flow of reading stop a little as you get your words right in your head. This could simply be fixed. I'm a reader who likes to be challenged by a story, have theories when I read and read about characters that have layers , are deeper than first thought. I think Amanda does this very well. Anyhoo, enough from me....what are you waiting for..go grab yourself a copy:D FAVE QUOTES: My brother Milo was a studious little bastard though, and he'd probably been in bed before midnight and up before nine. When I made it out to the living room, I found him sitting at the computer, probably researching a paper for shcool even though we were on Spring Break. He was a Sophomore in high school and had the social life of a toddler. Milo cowered behind her, muttering things about how she needed to keep it down or Mom would completely freak out. Whenever Jane was around, he acted like a puppy about to pee on the floor, and it drove me nuts. I think if you like Claudia Grays Evernight series you will like this series. Even if you didn't you will still enjoy this series.
  • Flutter (My Blood Approves, #3) on Jan. 06, 2011

    Oh , 'Flutter', is full to the brim of excitement and mayhem. It's been 3 weeks since Alice went through her change. She is handling it very well considering the bloodlust she must endure. I think I like 'Flutter' the best so far as soooo much happens. POW's and twists at every corner. Ezra and Alice travel to Finland to save Peter from his worst enemy, himself. Alice learns that not all vampires are like her new found family. Ezra makes payment for Peter's suicidal mission. New characters are introduced. Jane is going down the WRONG!!! path. Oh, Jane, don't go there girlfriend!! I kinda wanted to give Jane a good slap, if it would do her any good. Mae has her own problems she must confront , she is desperate to be understood. Has she over stepped the line? Alice has to restrain herself in more ways than one. Oh the tension oozes in this book. Milo has a new friend and Alice must deal with it. Milo must also deal with the danger his new friend holds for him. Amanda will make your eyes pop in 'Flutter', lol!! I know mine did several times. There is action, drama, emotions are on high alert, betrayal weazles it's way in, confusion ripples below the surface, but through it all Ezra is a rock. Everything is going haywire around him, his family is going through their own little crisis's, but Ezra will always be there to help and defend his family...... or are some things just too much to overlook......Oh Mae...what have you done......... FAVE QUOTES: "Are you Han Solo? " I raised my eyebrow at him. "Yeah, I wanted him to be Princess Leia, but he wouldn't go for it, " Bobby gave Milo a pouty look, and I was momentarily relieved that Jack wasn't around so he couldn't try out that exact idea on me. Then I realized that Jack wasn't here, and I got sad again. "I am not going to wear a gold bikini, "Milo said. "Even I'm not gay enough for that!" "Did you really want my blood that badly?" "Your blood is divine, " he admitted sadly. "But I always wanted more than that." he exhaled huskily. The air was so thick with the scent and feel of him that I could almost taste it, and I wanted to taste him. I wanted him in the most visceral way. With Ezra so close to me, I had the strangest urge to kiss him. That was just the blood talking, so I lowered my head before I could act on it.
  • Wisdom (My Blood Approves, #4) on Jan. 07, 2011

    RATING 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!!!! Amanda takes us outback Northern Territory, Australia and back in , 'Wisdom'. Maybe not outback enough. Daisy is exactly what Ezra predicted. Poor Bobby is Daisy's target. Everytime Daisy lined Bobby up, I was laughing, maybe I shouldn't have been but it would have been funny to watch. Kinda a pretty little 'chucky doll' launching itself at Bobby. Mae isn't seeing straight and Alice has had enough of the little monster. Leif is hanging around more and Olivia is training Alice to harness her strength and learn some skills. Alice is going all Nancy Drew and leaving Jack out of the picture. I love Alice's new sidekick. He has really grown on me, lol!!! Jacks taste in car was rather cool. Amanda brings back all the memories with that one. I can't help feeling when reading this series that Jack may be older in human years than Peter, but he acts younger, hence Lego, X-Box games etc. Jack loves Alice , he will fight for her but is not a fighter. Jack doesn't show interest in training. Peter and Jack's 18th birthday gifts to Alice were soo different. Jack is there for Alice whenever she needs him which is getting less and less as her strength supercedes his, making her less a target and more a badass fighter. Alice's character grows , Jacks doesn't in their relationship. Peter , I have a soft spot for him as he too easily would give his life up for Alice he still feels some connection that he can't ignore even though the bond has broken. Alice will do whatever she can to save both Peter and Jack when they need it but can only choose one lover. I can't help feeling Peter should be 'the one'. He is soo raw and honest with his feelings towards Alice. 'Wisdom' has action, stolen kisses, smexi moments, fight scenes, boundaries are pushed with trust, sad moments, funny moments and times where you will just go OMG!!! Lots of storyline is packed into these pages. Amanda never skips a beat with her storytelling. FAVE QUOTES: "Yeah." Jack's smile grew broader. "Does it come with a flux capacitator? " Milo asked. "No." Jack looked at him like he was an idiot. "You're gonna wear a cape?" Violet laughed, raising an eyebrow. "Oh yeah. Combat training is so gonna work for you." "I'll take it off to fight," Bobby said defensively. "I just wanna survey Gotham with my cape flapping in the wind." "Wait. " Bobby pushed in between Violet and me to get closer to the glass. "Vigilantes? You mean like Batman?" "What is with this kid and Batman!" Violet groaned. "He's only the most awesome thing ever, " Bobby shot back, glaring at her. "Oh my god!" Bobby pointed at him. "That dude is supposed to be a vampire hunter, and he's got on a fricking swatch! There is no way these guys are for real!" "Wait, wait," Bobby interrupted, snapping his fingers. " I've heard that before. That's like what Blade is, right? Wesley Snipes was a vampire hunter, but he was like super strong and badass from being a half -breed." He glanced back at Milo. "You weren't like that when you were human, were you?" "No , I got my ass kicked all the time," Milo grimaced at the memory of his human self. "So how come they weren't all like Blade?"Bobby asked, turning back to Ezra. "Because, it's a movie, Bobby," I said dryly.
  • Red on Sep. 04, 2011

    RATING: 4.5 SMEXI SAWYER STARS!!!! Kait’s writing first came to my attention via Goodreads and I got to read her first novella in the Mirus series, ‘Forsaken By Shadow’, which I enjoyed. Kait contacted me about reading ‘Red’. I checked out the trailer and thought hmmm sounds like a take on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, just my personal first thought. If you listen carefully to the narrator , it was a long, long time ago, Little Red Riding Hood fell in love with the wolf. This is the story of the repercussion of that event and what Elodie and her father are dealing with, now. I found myself easily turning the pages , this book has action, violence, a gorgeous chemistry , betrayal, discovery, loss, understanding and love. Elodie has her own personal anguish to deal with and Sawyer happens to be there interrupting a moment that could have gone either way. ‘Red’ is told from both, Elodie and Sawyer’s POV’s. I enjoyed being in Sawyer’s head. I love Sawyer’s name and his character. I loved the way Kait made the reader feel the pull of Elodie and Sawyer’s chemistry. It felt very natural. They calm each other in a way that Elodie doesn’t understand, she just ‘feels’ better when Sawyer is with her. Sawyer is starting to realise there is more to Elodie. Could they have something in common? The Barbie Squad are your typical pains in the ass , with their leader Amber , more so. You just want to give that girl a good slap. She is a thorn in Elodie’s side. A little girl and her arrogant brother are kidnapped and Elodie is there to pitch in and help find them. He may be the jerk that caused her a lot of issues with Amber, but she knows the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Something is very off with this turn of events and Elodie is starting to feel like maybe she is being baited to be flushed out. Elodie is trying to keep her wolf at bay , the transition is close , what will this mean for her, will she have to do what her mother did to stop the curse? She feels so alone with what she is dealing with, believing there is only one way to cure here cursed life. Help and understanding is closer than she thinks..... Michelle
  • Golden Blood on April 12, 2012

    RATING : 4.5 HARRISON & DOMINIC STARS!! I really enjoyed Melissa’s first instalment in her 'Time Spirit Trilogy', I thought it was quite a 'cool' story. I think this series needs to be published and on book shop shelves. What a wonderfully original tale of a time travelling family who are led or controlled, depending on how you want to look at it, by their father Alistair and loving husband to Penelope. I do have trust issues with Alistair and Penelope and also by the time you finish this book I think you are starting to realise that all is not what it may appear. There are secrets. 1 Minute in the present is approximately 1 Hour in the crossed over. I loved Gemma, the black Ducati riding younger sister of the twins Ruby and Dominic Hart. Dominic is six ft three inches of gorgeous, and totally loyal to his sisters. His nickname for Gemma is ‘Slim’ and it suits her. Gemma is unfortunately known as the ‘freak’ at St. Augustine High School, Florida. What she lacks in social skills, she makes up for in beauty and fighting skills. Gemma has a secret that she must keep...... well, secret. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always allow the opportunity for the cat not to get out of the bag, the chicken to fly the coop, the naked girl not to be caught in the nuddy....hehe! Enter Harrison Granger, 17, blonde hair, drives a 1978 Corvette Stingray....have I got your attention yet? He comes from a loving family, mother Helen, stepfather Bryon, stepbrother Justin, stepsister Rosie and little brother Sam. Hmmmm, I have some thoughts there, but I shall see what ‘Black Blood’, tells me. Jordan Monroe, I like to refer to him as Moron, has his eyes set on conquering the ‘freak’ and doesn’t take too kindly to Harrison. Now the ‘freak’ doesn’t want to be conquered by the Moron and lets him know. But he is a persistent little bugger. Jordan and his inept minions are tracking Harrison down. Harrison ,keeping one step ahead of Moron and his Minions, smacks into the ‘freak’ , they shuffle through the door of ‘Camilla’s Closet’, nab some clothes off the rack, off into the change room for some hide and hopefully not seek , by the Moron and Minions. * queue the music * Let the ‘freak’ label peel away, and Harrison sees Gemma in a different light, one that smells like apple blossom shampoo. And there begins the connection of Harrison and Gemma. I am having some trust issues with the missions Alistair is sending the family on and why. I don’t want to give away, what they are, and where they go, and what they get up to as I thought that was wonderful to find out without being spoiled. Melissa scatters little bread crumbs of intrigue about that have you picking them up and tucking them away in your pocket . The last few chapters really got me chewing my finger nails as they are really, really good and exciting and nail biting, worthy. The ending, well, that had me all grabby, grabby for, ‘Black Blood’, the second book in this trilogy , oh the intrigue will have you reaching for more. FAVE QUOTE: “Your house. I would like to go there sometime.” “Why?” He reached for her hand and ran his thumb over her knuckles. “So I can picture you in it.”