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  • Reality Challenged on Feb. 27, 2013
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    Douglas Adams was always a favorite of mine, but he hasn't written anything lately so I decided to pay him a visit and see if I could motivate him into making another book. Unfortunately, just like what happened in Graceland when I went to see Elvis, they wouldn't let me in with my shovel. In fact, both camps were equally rude which makes me think they're all involved in some grand conspiracy! Anyway, there I was, deprived of the very type of humor I was looking for, until I was made aware of this wonderful new book by Ubiquitious Bubba called Reality Challenged. How he managed to create a personal note on the last square of TP in my upstairs bathroom is probably better left to other imaginations (time travel is suspected) but, in any event, he got me to buy a copy right then and there. Boy am I glad I took his advice before the final Klingons were wiped out. Sure, I lost a bit of sleep over the decision, but only because I couldn't put the book down! Those familiar with the genre will realize how hard it is to be anything approaching original in this day and age, yet UBubba managed to exploit, I mean, discover a fresh niche in a literary universe of space debris. His Trading idea is brilliant! I really wish I could make it work in my current universe though... My last attempt only succeeded in trading all the RAM in my PC for a stick of bacon-flavored tofu. I lost everything! Sure, Hollywood might take notice and alter the story to better suit their pocket books and private causes. You know, make Psychann into a busty 18 year old recovering meth addict, turn Xorian into Buddist on a pilgrimage to save orphaned children from all known universes (or should that be universi?). Stuff like that. But, until they muck it up, I'm planning on reading the original again so I can chuckle knowingly at all the subtle future references I missed the first time. So, what's the best part? He's writing more! I hear the next titles are going to be The Psis Strike Back and then Return of the Krazhdj or something like that. But who cares! As long as he keeps writing I'll keep reading. I Am a fan and you will be too as soon as you get the book!