John C Donovan


This is my middle years of my 3 and 7/8 scores here of earth, the actual age in years would be equivalent to 5 squared +7 squared. At this age most of us are on the down slope of the living bell curve; and most of the time as a passenger in a car I am relegated to riding in the back seat. This is just fine with me because you will be riding with the people who are caring and love you.

The reason I wrote the book was to assure my grandchildren that the fight for survival is never over. There will always be people on planet earth who will try to exhaust you with trivia and then plot to take away your freedom; why because he/she thinks they can. Remember God does not see color and/or race he only sees Earthling as his image; politicians and people that want to take away your freedom see color and race because it’s the old story of divide and conquer.


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