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  • The truth about hell on July 26, 2013
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    @Gabion Your review is particularly interesting as you seek evidence for the existence of HELL other than those recorded in the Holy Bible. This view of yours convinces me you do not know that the Bible is a spiritual cum historical library of precise records of actual happenings in the lives of Nations and peoples, which records could not be faulted by existing man- authored histories sourced by empirical(including eye witnesses')submissions. For example, the nation of Israel is alive with their records chronicling all their experiences in their journeys of life; the Assyrians (Syria), Babylonians (Iraqi), Asia Minor (Turkey), Lands of Gog and Magog (old Russia),Cyrene (Egypt), Libya and Ethiopia have their Archieves which with archeological findings have continued to assert the bible's accuracy. Most importantly, that Jesus lived, died and resurrected is a fact well attested to by the Earth which delineate their timing with BC (Before Christ) and AD(After Christ's Death). Jesus pointed God to a dyeing world. He foretold the destruction of Jerusalam by the Romans, and this even took place. He has warned all of HELL. Take his word and save yourself from the coming doom. There cannot be a better piece of evidence of hell that Jesus's warnings