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Smashwords book reviews by fred denton

  • The Keeper on Oct. 01, 2011

    The author came to our reading group and did a reading and gave us codes so we went ahead and read his book. We were shocked that an unknown author like this could put out such a spell-binding tale. We are going to read another one of his books soon, and we hope we like it as much. He won't be unknown for long!
  • The Pattern on Oct. 07, 2011

    I liked most of this book, but I agree with Steve that the end was a little less good than the start. But, the start was really good, so five stars from me. And yes I will think twice about all the computers in airplanes.
  • Mina's Eyes on Oct. 07, 2011

    I don't usually like boy meets girl stories but I liked this one. The scenery was very lifelike and the story had some twists and turns you don't usually find in a boy meets girl. I think the author is a pretty good poet too. There are two poems in the book.