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Tara Staley is the author of NEED TO BREATHE, a digital book debuting September 2012 on Amazon’s Kindle e-shelf. This literary coming-of-age novel—set in the South during the 1970s and 80s—has been compared by editors and reviewers to THE LOVELY BONES and MEMORY KEEPER’S DAUGHTER. Catherine DiCairano, award-winning author of “An Original Melody” and “Behind the Trees” said:

“I truly think Staley’s descriptions are brilliant. I began to think about halfway through the novel surely she wouldn’t be able to keep up this pace much longer, keep it so fresh—I was so wrong. The setting, the characters and the dialogue moves this novel very quickly. It’s so well done. The language is amazing, she could write about peas and I would read it. NEED TO BREATHE is anything but predictable. A pleasure to read!”

Terez Rose, writer and reviewer at MostlyFiction.com, Midwest Book Review, Peace Corps Writers and Mid-American Review said:

“While all the main characters are vividly depicted, it’s Millie who shines most, with her wry humor, her intelligent observations about life, the nature of duty and love, the timeless hold motherhood casts on a woman. Whether she’s ranting about the hazards abounding in Claire’s life, the unhelpful teachers and classmates, negligent parents, or exploring her own painful feelings about having lost out on raising her child, I loved her. When she ached for that lost child, that experience, I ached for her, with her. Staley’s accomplishment is huge: just as Alice Seybold did in The Lovely Bones, she has humanized and made a spectral narrator come to life, into a character the reader won’t forget.”

Tara Staley’s writing background includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and Creative Writing, an RWA award for a past novel, and involvement with the North Carolina Writers Network. She is also a founding member of the online writers’ community Backspace. Her fiction has been blurbed by nationally bestselling and award-winning authors such as Caroline Leavitt and Cornelia Read. As a freelancer, her work has appeared in such publications as UNCG Magazine, BizLife Magazine and the Winston-Salem Journal. She grew up, lives, and will most likely die in Kernersville, North Carolina (except for a one-year study abroad stint in Australia thanks to a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship). She and her husband have two sons.

Staley is currently finishing up her next novel, CONDITIONS ARE FAVORABLE, biographical fiction that brings to life the world of the Wright brothers and the Kitty Hawkers in the early 1900s.

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