Ryuho Okawa


Master Ryuho Okawa started receiving spiritual messages from Heaven, in 1981. Holy beings came to him with impassioned messages of urgency, entreating him to deliver their wisdom to people on Earth. His calling to become a spiritual leader, to inspire people all over the world with the long-hidden Truths of the origin of humankind and the soul, was revealed. These conversations unveiled the mysteries of Heaven and Hell, and became the foundation upon which Master Okawa built his spiritual philosophy.

As his spiritual awareness deepened, he understood that the wisdom he received has the power to help mankind overcome religious and cultural conflicts, and usher in an era of peace and harmony on Earth. Just before his thirtieth birthday, Master Okawa resolved to leave his promising career in business and dedicate himself to sharing the messages he had received from Heaven. The universality of the wisdom he shares and the all-encompassing unity of his religious and spiritual philosophy, delivered in his uniquely simple and pragmatic way have attracted millions of readers to his books. In addition to his writing, Master Okawa continues to give public talks and lectures throughout the world.

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