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  • A Hint of Murder on Jan. 03, 2012

    There is a skill in writing a good short story. Every word has to count, and there is only a short time with which to engage the reader and make the characters come to life. Lia Fairchild is one writer that does this with charm and wit. Her characters come alive quickly, and the plot-lines race along with a pace that is just right. These three short stories are all stand alone, yet each one flows into each other - I defy anyone to read just one; you'll want to read the other two in the same sitting! This anthology also includes a teaser from Ms Fairchild's novel, In Search of Lucy, a romantic drama. I will be interested to see if she is as proficient with a full-length novel as she is with her wonderful short stories! She has also included a story from the anthology With Love - a beautifully written tale with a truly lovely twist at the end (see if you spot what's coming - I didn't!). Finally, there are six excerpts of novels from other authors to whet your appetite - a lovely touch from Ms Fairchild to promote other independent authors. All in all, a delight to read. I shall definitely be purchasing more Lia Fairchild books in future!