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Smashwords book reviews by oldmysfan

  • Caden is Coming on March 13, 2015

    This book is certainly filled with suspense. The human characters are described in enough detail to really feel bad when they are killed. Less so the vampires. Their motivation is very clear, and the gory factor is also very present. (This in a movie would be one bloody epic.) I was very sorry to see the extremely bad guy among the humans (Henry) get killed. Somehow I thought he would survive sort of like George Clooney did in "From Dusk to Dawn." I was glad for the ones that did survive and hope that in upcoming books you will somehow reconnect father and son. Frank has had a hard life and it just seems to go further downhill. (Well, but the good news is that he survived, right?) So good book. Wanted to state that first. But for the love of somebody what crappy spelling, and sentence structure. Grammar missing entirely. It is great to use "Spellcheck" but unfortunately that menu item can't determine if the spelled right word fits the sentence. And some sentences have to be looked at several times to "get it" they are so garbled. I get it that there are no editing or proofreading folks out there anymore and so books are too long, don't connect up, and have bad spelling and grammar. Just the way it is. And like this review, the book is a bit too long. Some of the gore could be eliminated without being missed. But the ending was a real surprise (at least to me) and just did not see that coming at all!!! So very suspenseful and a complete thriller. Tormented souls hoping for forgiveness and some really evil souls, not just on the side of the vampires. This is one group of vampires that is not at all glamorous and attractive, even though some may be alluring. And Caden seems like he should be hanging (or creating) a better group of vampires.
  • The Dating Do-Over on April 04, 2015
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    Initially I did not care much for Viv. How dumb does a woman have to be to stick around for six years, be a total doormat, and actual pay off the guy's student loans?! As the inevitable breakup hits, Viv is faced with friends' and families' issues that cause further erosion in her self-esteem. Her friends think they have just the right guys for her, naturally. They stand by her, but they make some poor choices to "help" her. It is both sad and hilarious to watch her friends (who genuinely mean well) try. That guy with the preposterous car and apartment decorated all in steel, chrome and black leather? Right away, red flags and bells started going off in my head!!! Viv does change as she goes thru trials with both her friends and her parents. These relationships are tested. Viv has to decide what her values are and what is most important to her. The ending is definitely a surprise. But Viv is someone that is a much stronger person and someone I admired and respected. Good story. Good characters.