Old Nod


Old Nod is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, surrounded by nougat and drenched in rich milk chocolate.

He was born on a rainy night in Dreux, France and spent his formative years as an avant-garde post card model and zwieback connoisseur. Tiring of a life of adorability, he sought refuge in books and set about acquiring vast amounts of useless knowledge and trivia. It was during these studies that he came upon three major discoveries; 1) the actual Address in Gettysburg where Lincoln stayed, 2) la boulangerie de la donut chocolat perdu, and 3) ha! wouldn't you like to know...

Although "The Entropic Diaries" is Old Nod's 37th novel, it is, in fact, the only one he ever bothered to write down to share with anyone. The previous 36 are, as the saying goes, lost to antiquity.

Old Nod is currently believed to be travelling with a band of roving jugglers and other persons of interesting character. It is rumored that leaving a missive at the_entropic_diaries@outlook.com might earn an autograph of some sort for adoring fans of this noble work of fiction.

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