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  • Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors 1) on March 19, 2013

    First time read Michelle M.Pillow. I am so hooked! Working for Divinity and time jumping to observe other realms...sounds like a dream job right? That is until you really piss someone off and you find yourself on a uncharted plane. This is Lilith's current predicament along with some other women. All tied up and no where to run!! "The faster you make thenm come, the less time you spend in their presence" This is not the advice you want to hear stirring you from a drug induced sleep...lol Lord Sorin...swoon! Curses women after his last dishonorable wife and the tragedy that befell her. But the sizzling heat that stirs his bones when he looks upon Lilith, has him claiming her posthaste! Never being asked for more than serving his late wife's baser needs and protecting her, was all expected from him. Lilith will not surrender until she analyzes the very core of Sorin. He unfurls new feelings in herself she can barely understand. Together as their journey unfolds to see if what "Divinity" united can really be a love for all time... My thoughts: Michelle M. Pillow has conjured up worlds with in our world. So fantastic!! A perfect blend of fantasy and period romance. Masterminding traveling upon different planes of time on planet Earth.... WOW With this epic idea you have advanced technology with the prospering idea of Wild Hot Men from a more primitive time.....all thrown together! The story is all so erotic, Michelle M Pillows way with words will leave you writhing for more. Looking for a white hot sexy romance than look no further. Plenty of intrigue and action but most definitely tons of OMG moments!!