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Reading is fundamental, a saying I often times heard during grammar school years. Since the onstart of ebooks, also during the course of my writing years; I was advised to delve in other sell publishing outlets, and later I had read about Smashwords via, the internet. I was born, and brought up in a minute town of East Texas where other authors had lived there or began their writing journeys. Mine started while I waited to move from my small town, however my literary routes has been a learning route. My first novel did receive a good editorial make over, but instead of acting discouraged, I used the editorial advice as a writing road map to learn more as well do more with my craft, and I like to read the romance, non-fiction and science fiction books. Now, my new short story entitled, The Wandering Bride is my first ebook to be sold via the Smashwords ebook site. Hope you enjoy my ebook, and it is priced just right.


The Wandering Bride
You set the price! Words: 18,920. Language: English. Published: October 12, 2018. Categories: Fiction » African American fiction » Contemporary woman
A haunted plantation because of the dead of slave woman. Despite the terrible happenings, Lillian knew one day she will come home to retain the Tisserand plantation, the mansion handed down by the owner, who had gone mad. No one not even her parents at times, had believed Lillian when on some nights of a full moon, the spirit of the wandering bride could be seen

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