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  • Fate's Design, Fate Series Book One on Sep. 29, 2013

    *Contains some scenes that may be inappropriate for younger readers.* Author provided a copy for an honest review. _______________________ Fate's Design is a cute story that follows Megan as she embarks on a trip to Italy with her twin sister Morgan. What should have been a fun vacation with her sister turns into an unexpected chance at finding love and an adventure with destiny. What followed was a fun story filled with paranormal, sprinkled with romance, and a fate that seems predetermined. Or is it? When I first started, I wasn't quite sure where the story was going to go. We meet Megan and Morgan who are about as different as twins can be. And that is not counting Megan's strange dreams that often come true. What exactly do these seemingly random dreams mean? There were just so many possibilities on that alone that my mind boggled. But the story hooked me pretty quickly and I found myself reading with an open mind. I really liked both of the girls. Their relationship with each other was refreshing. Too often you read about siblings who hate each other, fight with each other, etc. especially because they are so different. These girls may have their sibling arguments like any other, but you quickly get the feeling that they would do anything for the other. When Alex comes along, the story starts to change. He's more than what he seems, but just what secrets is he hiding? As time passes, we learn more and more about what destiny has planned for our heroine. But also, we get the promised romance between Alex and Megan. There was no insta love here. Sure there was insta attraction and a undeniable connection between them, but we get to see their relationship grow as time passes. (I think the biggest shocker for me was how much actual time passes. I was only expecting a few weeks, like a summer fling type of thing. But months go by.) As all his lies start unraveling and his secrets start coming out, the story really picks up it's pace. There is not much I can say from this point on with out spoiling things, so I'll simply say the author does a great job at weaving all those seemingly random moments together to create a story that was highly enjoyable. And Emilian? I think I'm going to love you. I am very curious as to what the future holds for you and plots that we must not discus and spoil for people. The author's concept of just what exactly Megan, Alex, and crew are, was something I wasn't expecting. I may know what Emilian is because I may have read book two's synopsis before reading, but the rest wasn't what I was thinking at all. I am not going to say what they are, or exactly how they all are all connected because I think it works better without spoiling those big things. It really puts you in Megan's shoes as you learn about their world right along with her. While the concept is something I have read before, the author puts her own take on them and adds a dimension that really makes the story unique. Will I read more? - Is that a trick question? After that ending, I wanna know what happens next. And I may have read the blurb for book two that makes me want to know what happens even more.
  • Defying Fate, Fate Series Book Two on Dec. 13, 2013

    This is a hard review for me to write. Mainly because reading the book went something like this: Blah kissy. OMG! I KNEW IT! Oooooo. Ouch. The little cherubs are fun...could be little minions. But.... I want my own hot vamp. Prophecy. Aaaaaaaa. Ohhhhhhh. Interesting. WHAT!! I'm gonna _______ *grumbles unhappy and makes threats to certain character* Ah-oo-um? Off the deep end much? *glued to virtual pages* *blinks* Ummmm......did that just happen? Um....I think it did. *smirks* Kick ass. Oooooooo. Hahahaha..... ....wait that's it? I have to WAIT? :( But...but.... *stares at ebook and tries to materialize more* Le sigh. *grabs time machine from closet* So now to write a review without spoilers. It can be done. Maybe. Just to be safe don't read if you haven't read book one. Because I can't help those spoilers. Defying fate picks up where book one left us. A love that is against fate's design and an impending confrontation with a psychotic vampire chick. And if that wasn't enough, what happens in the first few pages changes the game completely. Oh, yes, completely. Not only does this turn of events make for a nice plot change, that follows throughout the book, but it pleases me immensely. Unfortunately, I cannot exactly tell you why due to spoilers. But if you have read book one and my review of it, by time you get to that moment you should have enough data to guess. I applaud you Lola James because I did not see it coming and you have no idea how refreshing that is. The story continues on from there. We get more Emilian and learn more about vampires. I really liked learning about the vampire world the author created. There is a nice mixture of vampire lore and the author's own imagination. Their origin story is very interesting and ties in nicely with everything that has happened so far. And the prophecy that we find out about? Oh, what fun. There really is not a dull moment in this book. While last book focused on Megan, this book centers more around Giovanni and her job as his guardian. I liked little Gio. Such a fascinating little character. Between his charming childlike ways, and emerging damphir abilities, Gio is a complex little guy. Learning more about his father and his abilities was something I wondered if would be important or not to the story. My mind certainly was not imagining along the lines of what happens. I really do think this book is better than the last. Not just plotwise, but also craftwise. The whole feel of the book is stronger than the last. The writing it well done, and you just can't help but getting caught up into the world of the characters. Lola James is certainly an author to watch. Everything all leads up to an ending that will leave you shocked. When you finally recover, you will be left counting down until the next book release date. Because, really, there is nothing else to do. All the possibilities. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us next.