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  • Desires Revealed on July 25, 2012
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    Bektamum is from a powerful race of vampires; she has great strength as she is around 2000 years old. Harrington shares a world filled with levels of vampires and violence. The story is compelling and action packed from the beginning. History is weaved in as Harrington describes the religious persecution of the Huguenots. Nicole is very young when she meets Bektamun, but she isn’t afraid of her even knowing what she is. While Bektamun protects Nicole’s family, they develop a deep bond. Nicole’s curiosity is infectious. Throughout the years, Bek lovingly takes Nicole under her wing. Bek has much wisdom and knowledge to share with Nicole. I think Bek learns how to love again through the Gervais family. As Bek opens her mind, she allows herself to love humans despite knowing they will die someday. I enjoyed being in Bek’s head. Her struggle with her vampire nature versus human feelings is fascinating. I enjoyed the settings: Paris, London, Switzerland, Italy. They are vividly described; I felt like I was with Nicole on her travels. Michael and Kahotep care for her as they travel with the intent to keep Nicole safe. Each character is well developed. I think Michael is one of my favorite characters. Oskar is an evil asshole vampire. I have to know what happens to Oskar! I hope he gets his comeuppance in the form of a serious ass kicking. I had difficulty with the torture scene because I cared so much for Nicole. It was just a bit too much for me but it made for some damn good story telling. Desires Revealed is a fun, quick read. If you’re looking for beach read or a book for the plane ride, Desires Revealed is the perfect choice. It’s also a stand alone book even though it’s in a series. I didn’t feel the least bit confused or like I’d missed a huge chunk of the story. Brought to you by OpenBookSociety.com reviewer Dawn