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Oren Hammerquist's work has recently appeared in the Fabula Argentea eZine available for free online, in the Soldier Story anthology available at Amazon in print or digital copy, and in eRomance Magazine, available for subscription at Barnes and Noble, or as back issues on the publisher's site. Oren has been in the Army for seven years, and served in Afghanistan. He is originally from the Seattle area, and is married with three children. In his spare time, Oren is completing his bachelor's degree in criminal justice and paralegal studies.


Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
I am still in the process of building a fan base. As it stands, I have the best fans possible at the moment--friends and family. There is a bit of vanity in the number of likes my Facebook page gets though, and how many followers my blog has. Everyone who reads my book gives me a little bit of an ego boost.
One of he most positive aspects of the indie/self-publishing phenomenon is the increase in contact between writer and reader. It is too easy to forget after you get an advance that people are reading your book. All my fans can leave a comment on my page, or contact me directly at may website. I like that.
What are you working on next?
At the time of this interview, I haven't actually published my first novel--Murphy's Second Death--but I am mostly waiting for the cover to be finished. My next book is titled "Savage Animals." It is a zombie book in a way, but I have re-imagined the genre I think. A malfunction in a supercomputer linking humans leaves all humanity at the mercy of the most bestial instincts.
There are three groups of people--Allies, Adversaries, and Raiders. The Allies are linked by brain implants that allow for instant communication and knowledge. The Adversaries do not have these implants, and live rather industrialized and agricultural lives often providing luxury items--such as fresh vegetables, liquors, and even folk art--to the Allies. The Allies can live happily without these items. The Raiders are a series of groups that pushed away the society of the other two classes, and live mostly as criminals in nomadic clans--and levy payments that are half tribute, half bribe to leave the Adversaries alone.
All three of these groups hate the others, but they are forced to work together to save mankind.
After that, I have several other books, a poetry chapbook, and a collection of short stories coming in the next few years. I plan one release per year.
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