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  • Magic By Moonlight on Aug. 03, 2012
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    A great read that was fun and cute. It was short and to the point and gave a great new perspective on women's need to assert their independence and men's need to be chivalrous. It took me a little under two hours to steam roll through this delightful read. Worth every penny!!
  • Demesne: Aithera on Aug. 03, 2012

    Fun and full of potential!! The first book in the series really sets up the tone of the novels. It was great, but not without flaws. The first issue I held with the novel was verb tense. When a story is usually told, it is told from the narrative perspective which is in past tense. The fact that the book is written in present tense was something that was a struggle for me to get past. Another issue with the novel was that it didn't go in depth emotionally with the character. A female character is usually an emotional rollercoaster. This young girl was thrown in some emotional distressing situation and I barely felt that. She shed tears, but nothing impacted me emotionally the way novels with a female protagonist usually do. I was like was watching everything from a distance and I felt no sympathy or joy throughout the novel, even when some characters were affected negatively. While I may have some negative things about this novel, I would not dismiss it. It was fun ride, but I wish it had more an emotional emphasis.