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Orson Hugger is a young author from France, born in 1992 in the Land of Cheese and Fashion. He loves to travel around the world, is still looking for a useful thing to do with his life and has nothing more but a French-teaching Master !

From his early teen years, when he began to feel an attraction to the fantasy of spanking, to present-day, the author has never stopped exploring the internet with nothing but his curiosity to satisfy.

And from early 2015 - the day when he decided that his "erotic passion" could be shared with the rest of the world - Orson has been working on his first-ever series of variously-heated, erotic short stories :

The Chronicles of Tears, a weird, strange, creepy and WTF-esque descent into the still-mysterious, uncharted world of corporal punishment, whether sexual or not, with a dash of sensuality, a hint of romance, a taste of honey, a dab of foolishness and a drop of tenderness.

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The Chronicles of Tears
"The Chronicles of Tears" series, created by Orson Hugger with the realse of a first volume in early 2015, tells the wild, busy and fairily stinging adventures of Nobi and his sore bottom. Raised, at his own request, with hard strictness, humiliating upbringing methods and severe corporal punishments - but also with unconditional love, unrestrained affection and unlimited care - Nobi grew up happily to become a fine young man, ready for independance and living a life of his own. But as he goes through the traditional entrance into adulthood, his body's sexual desires awaken and start to take their toll on Nobi's innocence and childish vision of the world. Nobi quickly realizes that his long appreciation of spanking is profundly linked to his undisclosed sexuality. And for he does not seem to enjoy it, a choice is soon to be made : Shall he have to wave his childhood goodbye, stop being punished like a kid and fully enjoy the sexuality of an adult ? Or will he be able to combine the two and live both as an adult with natural desires and as a love-craving child in need of more serious discipline ? Is spanking destinated to pleasure...or to growing up ?

The Chronicles of Tears

Price: $3.20 USD.


The Chronicles of Tears
Series: The Chronicles of Tears. Price: $3.20 USD. Words: 38,050. Language: American English. Published: October 20, 2015 and represented by Orson Hugger. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » General, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
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Nobi is a young Japanese man recently introduced to adulthood, still spanked, punished like a child, disciplined with all due severity and treated as such at his own request. Growing up in his way, he turns out perfectly fine. But coming of age doesn't go without consequences : during an umpteeth, sore motherly punishment, his sexuality awakens...at the worst moment and much to his embarrassment !

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