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  • Buffalo Soldiers on Feb. 19, 2014

    Well just finished Buffalo Soldiers and all I can say is Wow!!!. What a book. I really enjoyed this very much. A great crime/suspense book. It was well worth the wait. Nicholas Denmon out did himself with this follow up story to For Nougthing about the Buffalo Mafia. Found it hard to put down. I just had to know what was happening next and where everyone stood. We find ourselves start out at the upstate prison gates with Ivan Nivsky and Rafael Rontego has been kidnapped. Then the story takes off at a run. We are introduced to some new players and we even meet a few ladies. Oh!! what ladies they are. You will find yourself at times either cheering them on or hating them. We meet FBI agent Sydney Price who hopes to bring down the the Ciancetta family and make a name for herself. We meet the Russian's who are out to try and take or the Italian family. Rafael who I loved in the first book. This time we see him in a little different light. I still like him. He is in an forced alliance with Kira. They do make a good team together. Not sure I always liked her. We do get more back round on some of the character and this helps fill in blanks on them. You understand how they got where they are and why they are there. You see the loyalty and close nit of the Mafia.This book will keep you on the edge of your set and feel like you are right there with them. I cheered at times and booed at time for them. Nicholas is really a great author who knows how to draw you into the story and sometimes hanging hoping for more. This book will make you feel this way. I would well recommend this book. You will get the full impact if you read his first book. I'm really hoping to see a third book.
  • For Nothing on Feb. 19, 2014

    A Mafia crime thriller (my first) opens with a very graphic and descriptive scene of someone getting shot which drew me in immediately. Not because it was a shooting, I hasten to add, but because of the detail and the feeling it evoked. Alex Vaughn, a New York police officer, saw his friend’s murder and wants revenge. So he goes undercover in order to infiltrate the crime family in Buffalo he believes responsible. Rafael Rontego is the mafia’s hit man and the two men are on a collision course. There’s lots of action, suspense and tension and the insight into the workings of the underworld is detailed and interesting if somewhat scary. The chapters are written from the point of view of two characters which works well. The ending is a cliff hanger leading onto book two.. Thoughts I was really surprised to learn this is a debut novel, the writing is so good. The details and descriptions make the story jump off the page, very visual and the characters are intriguing and decidedly believable.