I.F. Hergood


Who am I?

I am...a milker of goats, maker of cheeses and jams and jellies of all types, a teacher, a geek, a writer, a father, a husband and OH so much more!! I am a fun middle aged guy with a weird sense of humor. I am semi-retired (only work a few weeks each month). I teach software engineering and database design for a living...but I also have a small hobby farm. I spend 2 or 3 weeks each month traveling the country and teaching software engineering classes, and the rest of my time at the farm. I have the best of both worlds...I am a geek AND redneck farmer. I am retired from the military and have traveled and lived all over the world. I occasionally write short stories (usually of the erotica genre) and I'm always interested in meeting other writers who are interested in sharing stories and writing tips.

I'm a bit of a Renaissance man. I am fascinated with math, physics, philosophy, religion, economics, human behaviour and more. I love meeting new people and finding intelligent topics to discuss. I also love working in the garden, flying small airplanes, scuba, making cheese, canning veggies and jams and too many more things to mention here.

I spend a lot of time thinking about High energy particle physics, the nature of time, cosmology, economics (I am an adherent of the Austrian school of economic theory), SEX (I am a guy, after all...LOL), philosophy, relationships and more. Actually, my mind is usually a swirling chaos of random thoughts and ideas, although I can be very focused when the situation warrants.


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